2017 Ford Escape - Feature Changes

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Hi everyone,

We have a 2013 Escape Titanium (along with a 2013 Focus), and with the upgrades that are now being announced for the 2017 Escape, I'm starting to consider planning a trade when the 2017 model comes out. However, it looks like they are now going to Halogen projector headlights across the board, including Titanium trim level. I'll be honest, I like the security and lifespan of HID headlights, and would be concerned if Halogen was my only option. Does anyone know if Halogen is the only option, and any insight into why this is the case? Thanks.


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    We have a 2016 Escape T and the HID headlights are the best option. Night driving is much more pleasurable with this system than the old-timey halogen lights that were in our 2010 Mustang GT convertible that we traded in.

    The Mustang was very satisfying to drive except for the headlights and visibility outside at night. Folks on the highway respected the grabber blue color more too and were less eager to take advantage of you in the Interstate Rat Race.

    FWIW, the 2.0 regular gas turbo is just right for our style of driving.
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