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Mitsubishi Endeavor Prices Paid

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited May 2015 in Mitsubishi
Share your Endeavor buying experience here.

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  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    After driving a used Mercedes ML320 at the dealership, we drove the base model AWD Endeavor.The dealer sold both brands new as well as VW and Porsche.The Endeavor really stood out for us.
     Besides the $2K rebate, the dealer "discounted" the Endeavor LS $600 and gave us and additional $600 above the edmunds value guide for our trade in(a 2001 VW Cabrio) My only fear at this point would be Mitsubishi possibly increasing the rebate amount in the future. The dealer had a good selection of Endeavors on his lot and in general the buying experience was plesant enough.We drove or looked at everything including the Toureg,G.Cherokee,Murano,Pilot new and the Mercedes and Lexus used. The Endeavor just stood out among all we looked at and the price seemed like a bargan as did the warranty. Was it a good deal? Who knows? It seemed "fair" based on my research.I always go in with the financing already done, that makes the buying process a lot easier IMO Bill C.
  • LS AWD. Signed over rebate to dealer,got 0%-5 years, $600 under dealer invoice. Could have gotten another $1000 knocked off if I was better at dealing. maybe.
  • Are all the "extras", taxes, license plate fees, etc. to be included in the final cost of the Endeavor when posted? This can make a big difference in the bottom line paid for the SUV. I'm curious. If I go by what others have paid and it included all the "extras", I paid tooooo much.
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    The (TTL)cost you mention vary from State to State and there are other factors which impact these extra cost. As an example, in Mass, there is a 5% sales tax based on actual price, less any trade-in. Pay 30K with no trade-in, you pay $1500 sales tax (5%). Pay 30K, with a 15K trade-in, you pay sales tax of $750. Therefor, if the intent is to share purchase price information, I don't believe these extra cost are a true reflection of the purchase price, so I have not included them in my previous post.
  • shooterdshooterd Posts: 24
    Yes, this is why I like to hear the actual final price agreed upon with the dealer is. Because not everyone is going to have a trade, etc, so they're not really comparable. Besides, a "final price" to me is the price before I have put anything of value of mine into the deal and before taxes and other fees have been added - which is why I hate newspaper ads these days that tout, "ONLY $25,000" and then in very tiny postscript underneath "with $2500 cash or trade". To me, my trade is like my own little pile of money sitting there and that's not part of the dealer's price.

    So I feel it would be helpful on here if it were broken down like:
    MSRP - $
    Final negotiated price with dealer = $
    Less rebate of - $
    Final out the door price of $xxxxx, not including TTL. (since these vary from place to place)

    Then if you wanted, you could add that you threw in as trade an AMC pacer that you found while digging a garden in your back yard or whatever and got x amount of dollars for that.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I had trouble with your link, Concrete1717.

    "The suggested retail price for the enhanced Endeavor ranges from a low of $24,999 - almost $600 less than the initial 2004 launch price - to a fully loaded suggested retail price of $33,794, not including destination and handling of $595."

    Here's a drill down path to the 4/16/04 press releases (one's general - one's a full pricing guide).

    Steve, Host
  • shooterdshooterd Posts: 24
    Is there any guess as to how long it will take Edmunds to update their pricing and standard equipment listings now that this statement has been released?
  • tubbstubbs Posts: 7
    I'm looking at a Limited 2WD. The MSRP is $31697 and the invoice is $29995 including the destination charge. The price I'm at right now is $30631. With rebates it comes down to $28631. Has anyone else priced out the Limiteds? How does this compare?

    Also, wondering when the 2004.5's will be available. I would assume dealers will start marking down the 04's soon because the 04.5's have a lot of added features like 10 more HP, along with more safety features and general amenities all with a lower MSRP.
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    I believe that the price is too high! I may be wrong, but I am still seeing a number of Mitsu dealers advertising Endeavors at prices below invoice ( not factoring the rebate )in the Boston area. This may not be the case for the Limited, but I would definitely check out other dealers in your area.

    There are a number of post in the "Will the Endeavor Endure" thread that provide price paid information. Good Luck!
  • shooterdshooterd Posts: 24
    I agree with Dan. I'd walk and tell them that you're heading down the street to the local Honda dealer to pick up a Pilot, since a Pilot with leather STICKER price is right where you are now with this Endeavor and the Pilot has 14 more cubes of total cargo space, a standard third row seat, STANDARD all wheel drive, better residual value, and a consumer reports recommended pick in this category, as well as matching up nicely with most categories in a head to head comparison. I'd expect them to take at LEAST another grand off the price and then give you the rebate, as well as tossing in whatever other freebies you could get. I personally think they have these things priced way too high to begin with.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try filling out a Contact us form (the hosts are scattered around the country so we don't always have this kind of info handy either).

    Steve, Host
  • tubbstubbs Posts: 7
    Thanks to both of you for the advice. I'm still in the process of gathering prices from other dealers so hopefully I get some better quotes. I'm in the Cleveland/Akron area and there are only about 5 dealers I have to choose from within ~50 miles.

    The Pilot would likely be our #2 choice and I was thinking of using the exact strategy you mentioned shooterd to get the price down to around 29K.

    Any other tips on how you were able to get them to go under invoice would be greatly helpful. And any pricing quotes on the Limited as well. Thanks again.
  • shooterdshooterd Posts: 24
    Oh my gosh, you are right in the center of the Pilot holy land. Have you read the Pilot boards at all? There is a Mike Pruitt Honda which is, I believe, right there in Akron who is supposed to be selling Pilots at $400 above invoice...or that's what the people posting on the Pilot boards here at Edmunds are saying. They are going there from all over the country, especially the east coast. I am actually considering going there if I would decide to buy a Pilot and I'm in St. Louis. (although, my inlaws live near Dayton and I could combine a buying trip with a drop by their house) If that's the case, you could get a Pilot with leather at just a little over $28,000 and not have to travel far to do it.
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    As much as I like our Endeavor, I would not hesitate on buying the Pilot if both were in the same price range (they were not when I looked last August). Have you ruled out the Highlander or 4Runner? I am a Toyota bigot ( my other car is a Lexus ), but I was not impressed with the highlander and the 4Runner was more than we wanted to spend at the time. However, the 4Runner seems to be discounted quite a bit now in my area. Given the insane gas prices, I also believe that many of these dealers are having more of a challenge moving their inventory. This is, I believe, a benefit for those seriously considering purchasing an SUV.
  • shooterdshooterd Posts: 24
    Again, agree with dan. The only reason I'm even considering the Endeavor right now is IF I can get the kind of deal he described. Mitsu is going to have to beat the Pilot in price considerably for me to go that direction. Just beating it by a few hundred or even a thousand after rebate wouldn't cut it, they're going to have to come in below the Pilot price for me, THEN give me the rebate or to Akron I will probably be going (that is, if that place is still dealing like that then).
  • tubbstubbs Posts: 7
    Thanks again for the info and the tip on the Pilot. I've checked 2 dealers so far with the lowest being $29,100 but Pruitt was next on my list to check. I like the Pilot and myself am a Honda bigot as I've had an accord coupe for 5 years that I love. My wife last had an '02 CRV that we liked and recently proved to be a very safe car as well when she ended up with only bumps and bruises after someone ran a red light and hit her going about 60+MPH.

    So the Pilot was the first stop on our search. One of our only cons against it is that she feels it is a little too big for her taste. Oddly enough, I believe the Endeavor measures out to be longer but I think the overall weight and feel of the car is what she considers big.

    We did also checked out the Highlander. Although the ride was nice its a little small for my taste, that 3rd seat is pretty worthless and it got pricey very quickly.

    I've since talked to another Mitsu dealer who is doing a "dead cost" sale. They wouldn't give an exact price over the phone but said they can deal at about $700 below invoice which should put it around $27,300 before rebate. But whether the deal is really that good in person remains to be seen.
    Link to the new 2004.5 Endeavor
    Prices, features and options. Purchased my XLS fwd in December and now the new model has more for the money. My luck!
  • Hi All... this is my first post so be gentle.

    I'm planning on buying an Endeavor to replace my aging GMC Jimmy. I've test drove the Endeavor and found that other than the premium gas requirement, I love it! While tossing around facts and figures with the salesman I mentioned quarterly sales and incentives. While he denied that this was an issue, it's been my understanding that you can possibly get your best deal at the end of the quarter (June 30th will be the end of the next one) and when the new model year arrives on the lot. They insisted that the Endeavors were selling like hotcakes, but the same models have been on the lot since January and with the 2k incentive (likely to continue or increase I'm guessing...)I think 'timing' may be the best deal maker.

    Do you think that the end of each quarter equates with the best deals for consumers? Do you think the 2K incentive will continue or go as high as the 4K that is currently offered on the Montero?

    Thanks for your input.
  • I'd say that you should still be able to get the Endeavor at or below invoice BEFORE incentives and rebates. If I hadn't been able to do that, I would have sprung a couple grand more for a new Toyota 4Runner instead. But I got a good enough deal that I couldn't pass up the savings.

    As far as the best time to buy, I've read from a few different sources that the best time to buy is at the end of the year, then the end of the quarter, then the end of the month. It's all about sales quotas and contests between the dealers and the manufacturers.
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    I would be very surprised to see the rebates go away anytime soon. The Endeavors, like many other SUV's, are NOT selling like hotcakes, so I would not be worried about the FUD factor ( Fear Uncertainty & Doubt ) the dealer may be using to get you to buy "now". As stated in many other post, this is our first Mitsu product and we have been very pleased with the Endeavor.

    Not only did we test drive all the other competitors, we truly liked the Endeavor most. I will say, however, that if I wasn't able to purchase our AWD, XLS, for so much less than invoice ( not including rebate ), I may not have seen the overall value in the Endeavor and probably would have purchased either the Highlander or 4Runner. IMO, given the rebates and discounts currently offered, as well as both the ride, looks, quality and Mitsu's 7 year/100K warranty, the Endeavor is truly a great value for the dollar when compared to the other SUV's. Good luck, do your research and once you make a decision, shop several dealers for your most aggressive deal. Let us know what you decide to purchase.
  • Thanks for your input. I had been looking seriously at the Toyota 4Runner, but on a whim checked out the Endeavor (it had immediately caught my eye when I entered the lot...). Right now the only other SUV out there that's got that appeal to me is the Chevrolet Equinox and I hope to drive that one today to compare. Since I keep coming back to the Endeavor over and over again, I'm 95% sure I'll be purchasing one, it's just when and where. I live in a fairly small town, and only one Mitsubishi dealer within 150 miles is a bit of a problem when trying to bargain. I think both of you are right regarding incentives sticking around, and getting them at below invoice. I hope to purchase an XLS w/ sunroof, but who knows... might even get a heck of a deal on a limited at this rate! Thanks again... I'll keep an eye out on the forum for more information; you're all a big help!
  • shooterdshooterd Posts: 24
    Agree that I don't think the incentives are going to go anywhere...especially since there are hints that the interest rates might start inching back up this year. With regards to offers, perhaps you could try the method that many are doing these days and email canvas Mitsu dealers within several hundred miles of you. By getting a bidding war going, you could perhaps get your local dealer to come down more in price or you may decide that if a dealer 400 miles away is going to save you $2500, it would be worth it to go there. Of note from your earlier post, just "tossing around figures" with a sales guy is not going to get you anywhere. Even guys I've known for a long time that sell cars will not tip their hand to me on what they can do until I actually come in with the intent of making an offer. Once numbers are on the table, then cards can be played. I am spending my time these days researching vehicles and preparing my approach to whichever SUV I decide to go with first. As I've said, Mitsu will have to beat a Honda Pilot in price by quite a bit for me to go that way, but it could happen. Also, comparing an Equinox to an Endeavor is a stretch. Do a side by side comparison on here between the two and you'll see that you give up alot of shoulder and butt space in the Nox compared to the Endeavor...cargo space too.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    This may help your bargaining position as a consumer:

    DaimlerChrysler Won't Bail Out Mitsubishi (Washington Post)

    Steve, Host
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    This is not encouraging news for those of us who have purchased Mitsu's. As happy as I have been with our Endeavor, I must admit that given what I just read, I sit here wishing I bought the Highlander or 4Runner. I knew hat Mitsu resale value was not as good as "others", but we planned to keep our Endeavor for at least 8 years ( we also purchased the Mitsu bumper to bumper 7year/100K extended warranty ), so resale value was not a great concern. Although premature, based on what I just read, I don't have a comfort level that Mitsu will be around for another 7 years..Sure hope I'm wrong.

    I would not want to be a car sales person for Mitsu right about now. In the whole scheme of things, this is not how I wanted to start the weekend. For now, I will pour myself a drink and go watch the Red Sox beat the Yankees.
  • matt04matt04 Posts: 6
    Can the group comment on ways to value the mileage on a Dealer Demo car. I sat down with a dealer to negotiate the selling price of an Endeavor Limited with 5,000 miles. The car was driven by the Delaership manager for everyday use. No damage to the car except for a small stain on the interior leather of the back seat. How would you recommend valuing (or devaluing) the car with that mileage?
    Needless to say, the sales manager and I disagreed.
  • Boy, this was a timely message and timely read for me. THANK YOU so much for the heads up on this one.

    Today (out of the blue) I received a call from the Mitsubishi dealership in town. I'd told them that I would not be buying until June 30th or so and to quit calling, however the salesman has been pleasant and I thought it no big deal that he was calling. However, he was doing the full-court press sales pitch today which puzzled me. I told him all the reasons I was waiting to buy, and he just kept indicating NOW is the time to buy. He DID NOT mention this... and I'm thinking he probably knew about it and just failed to mention it. That makes me mad... but it's not unexpected.

    Something to sit, wait and watch for sure! Again, thank you for the information. Another article to check out is
  • tubbstubbs Posts: 7
    As a point of reference, I talked to a dealer today about a Limited AWD with ~3000 miles. His initial offer was $400 below invoice. With some negotiating I'm sure that would go down some but I think thats still too high.

    Also, this dealer mentioned to me that the next shipment of Endeavors isn't coming until the end of May. He doesn't even know how many of those will be the '04 and how many will be the '04.5 model. I think people are trying to unload the '04 models now before the demand drops when the new models come out so something with a few thousand miles should only command a few thousand less than invoice in my book.
  • tubbstubbs Posts: 7
    Thanks from me as well Steve. I too was 95% sure I was on my way to buying an Endeavor as soon as tomorrow. Definitely rethinking that now.

    Any thoughts on what would happen to warranties should Mitsu go under?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Japan has a long tradition of bailing out foundering firms in rescues by their top lenders or major shareholders, often orchestrated by the government."

    Carmaker Looks Inward in a Search for Cash (NY Times)

    Forbes has a bit more pessimistic take on it (beware the Forbes Business News Adware popup installer).

    Wish I had a crystal ball, but I'm just passing along stuff I see in the news. Isuzu keeps getting counted out, and the dealer network is hurting, but they are still making trucks.

    Steve, Host
  • 137940

    I'd agree that the dealers are making every attempt to get rid of the '04 stock before the '04.5 comes in. I'm sure that as soon as tomorrow when this news becomes more widespread, this will be tough times for the dealers!
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