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2016 Nissan Sentra Road Test | Posts: 9,975
edited February 2016 in Nissan
After a full redesign in 2013, the 2016 Nissan Sentra gets a midlife refresh that gives it a new look, an improved ride and more features. It's also quieter and better-riding than the car it replaces and offers an optional active safety package. Other than its lack of power, this new Sentra is now a far more competitive car in its segment.

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  • What is up with Nissan's frumpy car designs? They look like once fit gymnast who has let themselves go in their 30s.
  • Until Nissan addresses the Sentra's glaring performance deficit it will remain an also-ran in the compact category. Toyota can get away with bland and uninspiring in the Corolla because of its reputation for sterling reliability. And because Toyota's the market leader. Nissan's in the challenger role so they need to do better.
  • Your bias against Nissan, and for Honda, is glaring. And, it's making me question my interest in and loyalty to your website. (I've been a fan of Edmunds for over 15 years.)
  • sdaiglesdaigle Posts: 1
    I was impressed with the 2013 Sentra I had for a week as a rental while my Versa was in the shop. I loved the restrained, handsome styling, the cavernous interior, and overall refined driving nature. It felt like a very pleasant compact car. A far cry from compacts from 20yrs previous. My only complaints were the uncomfortable, awkwardly convex seat bottom cushion and the terrible sounding motor. Very gravely sounding. Those 2 reasons alone were enough to put me off the car. If they at least took care of those issues with the updated current model, I'd be thrilled. I found it quiet enough and thought it rode well already. Still leery of the Sentra's CVT. Have read far too many owner complaints about premature failure.
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