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Temperature Control Fan not blowing

mstrpandamstrpanda Member Posts: 2
edited February 2016 in Chevrolet
I had a pepboys specialist on ac problems look and he stated my temperature control unit was probably bad so he replaced it and charged me 500 bucks for something that if I had the part, I could have replaced in under 5 minutes. At this point I've not been able to go back to him to say it's not working still. I don't really care at this point because I'm eating the cost of it, but I was wondering if this problem could be related to the ambient air temp sensor. After he replaced the temperature control module in the dash, the outside temp readout on my center display (where gas mileage and compass and such is displayed) shows as --- instead of the actual temp. The problem is that the fan/blower doesn't respond to any of the speed settings at all but the cool or heat sliders will change air temp that comes in when I set to outside air and I drive. I know the unit has signal and is connected because I can change the control to inside air and the air flow stops. Also I know other controls work because I can hear the directional flow gears changing when I adjust to defrost or just direct it to floorboard compartment or what not. The only real problem is that the fan won't kick in no matter what fan setting I put it on. He tried to tell me that the fan power was never that great in impalas but this is my second impala and I know they worked fine. Before he changed out the module when it was previously working fine, I know there was a very good fan push of air. The problem started acting up by fan speed changes occurred periodically when I didn't touch the controls. I thought it might have been a fan control relay, but I'm not sure at this point. I had hoped the mechanic would look at the cheaper tests first rather than a module replacement at 500 parts and labor when I had a feeling it wasn't just the switches in the module causing the problem.


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    mstrpandamstrpanda Member Posts: 2
    Oh, I'm also wondering if it could be the blower motor resistor. I'm going to get an oil change and tire rotation soon so I'm going to take it back to the same guy to ask him about it I think and going to make some suggested possibilities to see what he thinks.
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