Best price for a 2016 Equinox LS FWD?

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Just wondering what everyone paid for their 2016 Equinox LS FWD. Wanted to know what the invoice price was and how close you got to negotiate to this price as well.



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    Invoice for a 2016 LS FWD with no options is $24,845.

    MSRP is $26,105.

    True Market Value (the average price paid) is $24,983 or just about invoice. That means some people are getting a 'Nox for less than invoice.

    All those numbers include the destination of $895.

    Currently there's a $750 incentive that knocks TMV down to $24,233. We report regional incentives (there's also Bonus Cash and Conquest Cash) but you may be eligible for others that we don't track - ask your dealers when you seek quotes.

    Those numbers are for a NM zip - you can dial the number in a little better with your own zip code - some areas add "legit" ad fees that the manufacturers charge the dealers. That fee should be negotiated away, but can account for minor differences in invoice/MSRP numbers.

    Any recent buyers out there, please jump in with what you paid.
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    Just bought a 2016 LTZ Loaded to the hilt for 37,600. rebates were 1700 and they came off the price 3k. But I did put 13.5k down. (Oklahoma)
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    Congrats @mayhem2016!
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