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2007 Caddy Escalade



  • Im with you man. The current Escalade has only two things going for it, an outrageously powerful motor as well as sharp styling that helps it get noticed in a crowd. You won't confuse that front grille with that of a Yukon/Tahoe. Anyway, apart from that, I find the Escalade to be lacking in several areas.

    1) It needs a new dashboard. Using the same dashboard design found in the cheaper Suburban/Yukon XL, Tahoe/Yukon, Silverado/Sierra is unacceptable to me. Come on, isn't it bad enough that the same dash design is found on all General Motors fullsize trucks/SUVs? This design dates back to the year 2000, when General Motors redesigned it's fullsize trucks/SUVS. For paying a considerable premium over a loaded Yukon Denali, you would expect a little more substance. Also, why is the analog clock located so low on the dash? How do you see it? The wood on the dashboard is nice, but all in all an expensive vehicle like the Escalade should have a different dash to distinguish it from it's cheaper siblings. Hopefully this issue will be addressed in the redesign. Otherwise, the Escalade doesn't really justify it's high price tag.

    2) The Escalade should also have a fold flat third row seat, just like the Expedition/Navigator. This feature makes the Escalade more family friendly.

    3)The towing capacity of the Escalade rests at 8100 lbs. This is quite good, but to be more competitive, they should match or beat the 9100 pounds that the QX56 can tow, or the 8900 pounds that the Navigator can pull.

    They should stick with the same engine for next year. Or better yet, drop the SSR's 6.0 liter V8 390hp in there. Give it the power to compete with an ML55 AMG or Porsche Cayenne.

    Until the Escalade can meet all of this, my luxury SUV of choice is the Lincoln Navigator. It's got a good amount of power, the styling is subdued yet elegant, the interior is completely different from an Expedition, and the interior is cavernous, with tons of room for a family.

    The QX56 looks really cheap inside, and there's not enough there to justify the premium over the Nissan Armada. Again, just like the Escalade, the same dash, in an ugly gray color is used. The QX56 is only good with regards to engine power and value.

    How could the Escalade have won the 2003 Large Luxury SUV comparison test? JUst because it had a powerful engine? The real winner would have been the Lexus LX470 or the Lincoln Navigator. You can't go wrong with either one.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I completely agree with your comments about the Escalade vs. the Navigator, lexusrocks. The only departure I take with you is on your comments regarding the LX-470. While it is a worthy competitor to the Navigator, the third seat in the LX-470 is somewhat of a joke, a bit useless and must be removed to use the area for cargo. No comparison to the fold-flat into the floor feature of the Navigator.
  • Well 50k+ people in 2004 liked the Escalade. So what if the dash is bad, it sells.

    "Also, why is the analog clock located so low on the dash?" Hey just look at down at the clock and you will see the time!

    Folding rear seats are not available in the LX470, the Range does even have a third row. And many others don't either so don't diss the Cadillac.

    REAL people buying these luxury utes are not going to be towing 8,000 lbs + of anything.They'll have someone do it for them and not in their truck. Most people wouldn't dare even take these Luxury SUVS off road, so dont' even think they would tow something. The towing issue PLEASE.


    Rumor is that the next gen will have a 400hp available engine.

    The SRX is more up to par with the ML, X5, FX, RX, GX, and Cayenne not the Escalade it's more up with LX, Navigator, G, OX56.

    Take the Navigator, Cadillac wont hurt. :)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "Most people wouldn't dare even take these Luxury SUVS off road, so dont' even think they would tow something."

    You may have a point, blkcadillac. On Easter Weekend, we had our Navigator in Death Valley, off road on that nasty 30 mile long trail to the Racetrack, off the Ubehebe Crater - there was one other Navigator besides ours there, a couple of Lexus SUVs, but you are right - NO Escalades at all. Guess their owners don't dare take them off road, like you said. Must be a reason..... ;)
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    I'm pretty sure that the interior will get a good update and will be totally redesigned. GM did it with many other vehicles (Chevy Malibu, Uplander & Equinox; as well as several Pontiac and Buick models), and I'm sure they will do it for the good-selling and important truck for GM, especially that the current dashboard is so outdated and unattractive, even worse than the old Malibu, Venture and others. This is the next thing. All redesigned vehicles in GM's lineup gets new interiors.

    I must point out, that even though they have nice interiors, many of them are from cheap quality, especially the Equinox. Many of the materials you touch are almost falling off. Some of the new Cadillac sedans which are praised by the media for the good driving dynamics also lack good quality interior materials, as stated in many publications and magazines. I hope that in the new Suburban/Yukon/Escalade redesign, they will add high-quality materials all over.
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    especially with the gorgeous Navigator's interior and the fact that the Navigator has more rear legroom than the ESV.... Don't get me wrong, the Escalade has its place in automotive history: right beside Snoop Dogg.

    The Escalade also needs to make use of the 6 speed auto that GM developed with Ford. I mean, the Navigator has it. Overall, I think that the Navigator is a better buy, but the Escalade is nothing to be sneezed at. The LX470 is a nice car, but it's really old. The QX56 is a rebadged Armada, and it's pretty obvious as they share the same interior. The Range Rover is in a different class from the Escalade to me: it's for someone who doesn't even need to justify spending outrageous amounts on gas an the car itself. It's kind of like the comparison between Lexus and Bentley. You don't need a Bentley, but hey! you have the money, so get it! The Range Rover is also gorgeous compared to the rather gaudy (IMO) Escalade. Oh, and the Elscalade is stuck on the road. Even an LX470 is a better off roader, and it's ancient compared to the Escalade. GM needs to make the Escalade different enough from the Suburban. Also, while I agree that super versions of anything are good, could you please, Cadillac, make a Platinum regular length Elscalade? I can't stand the ESV ones. They look like Suburbans. :(
  • mrpricemrprice Posts: 4
    I have enjoyed the discussion regarding the Escalade. I have owned 2 Escalades and am presently driving a Navigator. After several years of true experience and comparison I have a solid conclusion. The Escalade is in a category all its own! In no way does the Navigator even come close to comparing to the Escalade. I am in the process of trading the Navigator for a third Escalade. Does anyone have any idea about the 2006 Escalade? Will it be the same body style or will it be the much talked about 2007? If it will remain unchanged for 2006 I will probably trade for a low mileage 2005 and bide my time for one year until the new design is released. What do you think?
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    In no way does the Navigator even come close to comparing to the Escalade

    First which model year Navigator are you driving?

    And why does the Navigator not even come close in comparison to the Escalade? I know from the reviews that the Navigator seems slightly down on power, but most say the power is adeuqate for city and highway driving. Apart from that, that seems like the ideal full size SUV, along with the LX470.

    I have never driven or ridden in any of the two. Yet, to me the Escalade doesn't come close in comparing to the Navigator, simply because it is nothing more than a rebadged Tahoe/Yukon will different taillamps, headlamps and a really big grille. The dashboard is the same one that you'll find in any GM full size truck or SUV. So buy the Yukon and you get everything the Escalade has, except the styling and a little less wood. Does that jusify the Escalade's premium over the Yukon. To me not really. The Navigator surpasses the Escalade in everything else, except maybe power, which still isn't too bad. The Navigator has a beautiful interior, different from the Expeditions. Let's hope Cadillac can come with something better than a Chevrolet truck dashboard in the 2007 redesign.
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729

    Isn't the Navigator a rebadged Expedition?

    ALL the SUVs in this class are flawed!

    The Lexus LX is quickly approaching 6 years old, is short on passing power, and the 3rd seat is well behind the times.

    The Navigator has a terrible power-to-weight ratio, looks like a lunch box, lacks the refinement of the Lexus (or LR3 for that matter), and it's for a vehicle named Navigator, it's navigation system hits on my Timex!

    The Escalade is also ancient, has a simple and sorry interior, has the weakest chassis and frame (why it has the most powerful engine, but relatively weak towing), and also 3rd seat issues.

    The Q56 has general styling issues (How many lumps would you like?), a cheap and chessy interior, and has already missed the Big-SUV party, as sales of these beast have plateaud or fallen.

    I agree with all of Lexusguy's Caddy improvements, starting with a new interior.

    They should probably offer 22's in chrome from the factory, too. If GM is smart.

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Everything you said is technically true. Of the bunch though, the Navigator, IMO, is the least flawed. Though Expedition based, it resembles the Expedition the least, with a gorgeous and unique interior, luxury features like Air conditioned seats the others don't have, the 3rd row seat is the largest and most functional, folds flat to the floor, with power buttons. The independent rear suspensions does a lot for the ride and stability. The power running boards are fun, if not functional, and the engine is plenty gutsy for me. Never needed more than it has. I've tried the LX-470. Now THAT's underpowered, and the 3rd seat is a joke. The Escalade is all about the engine, and that's it. The QX-56 is the ultimate rebadge, and they're full of trouble. I think the Navigator is the best of the bunch. Good value for the money too. I've looked for a better one, can't find one, IMO. :shades:
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729
    Lincoln = anit-cool.

    The division has zero momentum. Zero cachet. That hurts when you are talking $50k vehicles.

    I've SOLD the Expedition (and Exploder), so I'm very familiar with the IRS on it, and was not impressed at all with the ride-handling balance. The ride was rough AND loud to me. Given it's 6k weight, I'd expect better sound isolation and refinement. Haven't heard critics singing the praises for Ford/Lincoln in this department.

    It is probably the most people friendly when it comes to the size of the interior, with a 3rd seat fit for NBA players. And I like the interior redesign! Very nice!

    But just how often do you transport 6 or more adults in one vehicle? Most people would do it a couple times a year, but not enough to justify picking this vehicle for that job. Most want to take kids in the 3rd seat.

    The Navigator hasn't distinguished itself, even with a huge 3rd seat as an advantage, which tells me enough. It has a nice interior and 3rd seat, but it's not enough. I can get that in a Armada, or an Odyssey. All these rigs can tow 3 tons, so they all have enough towing strength.

    In the end, it doesn't seperate itself from the problems C&D listed when they compared the Sequioa, Tahoe and Expedition. It's too heavy, which hurts handling and economy (BIG these days). It's power only marginally quicker than the Lexus. It getting old in this design, which drew a collective yawn when it came out.

    And Lincoln in general has no buzz. It's like a morgue there! Why go to a Lincoln showroom?

    A knock-off Exploder and a knock-off Expedition creates no buzz. Lincoln has a lot of work to do. For $50k, people want to be sold before they get into the dealer. Navigator doesn't have that much heat.

    Speed, stylish rims, bold grille, that's Escalade appeal right now. That's what's hot. Navigator....not hot.

  • mrpricemrprice Posts: 4
    Sorry, I have been away for a while.
    As I posted earlier. I have owned 2 escalades and am presently driving a navigator. My wife also drives a Denali, Yukon. I am awaiting the release of the 2006 escalade which I cannot get ANY information on. My opinion is not from a technical comparison it is from true actual ownership and driving experience.It is reality. DrFill sums it up pretty well! I would describe an escalade
    as Fast, Strong, Stable, Stylish, Appealing, and having a unique identity. I would describe my Navigator as Soft, lacking Style and appeal, Sluggish and in the service department more often then the Escalade. My wifes Denali, Yukon falls between the Escalade and Navigator but definitely not in the same class as the escalade. Not to offend anyone, I would describe the Escalade as Manly and the Navigator and Yukon as Feminine.
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729
    Ford is redesigning the Expedition/Navigator "within the next 18 months".

    GM's new SUV will be "pulled forward to Early 2006", to stem the share/profit hemmoraging.

    Chrysler's response in 7-pass SUV's will be the Jeep Commander.

  • mrpricemrprice Posts: 4
    Hey DrFill,
    Do you have any idea about changes for the 2006 Escalade.
    Will they possible release a 2006/2007 this year the way they released the 2003 a year early.
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    ""Not to offend anyone, I would describe the Escalade as Manly and the Navigator and Yukon as Feminine.""

    Not to offend anyone, but the portion of cars that are sold to women is growing, and who knows how many men have their wives/girlfriends leaning in on the issue? It's a good marketing strategy to market toward women.

    I've ridden in an Escalade and driven a Navigator. The 3rd row in the Escalade is unacceptable for anyone over 5'3", and it seems like what little ambience of luxury is in the front didn't transfer to the back. The Escalade seemed floaty and it took forever to brake. However, it was a looker.

    The Navigator isn't really as weak as people like to think. A month or so ago my dad bought a new Navigator and he let me drive it while on a trip up to Lake Michigan for a yachting trip. It seemed very agile and it didn't run out of power. The interior is very well done. I even think that the 'Gator looks better than the Escalade because the Escalade is almost all about the looks. I fit in the 3rd row of the Navigator, barely. Also, the visibility in the Navigator was loads better due to its "showbox styling." Just my opinion, but the Escalade is in sore need of a redesign.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    ""Not to offend anyone, I would describe the Escalade as Manly and the Navigator and Yukon as Feminine.""

    I don't see how the Navigator is feminine. There are cars out there that are definitely feminine, such as the Volkswagen Golf, Mercedes SLK, Mazda MX-5 Miata. But the Navigator? Don't really think so. Full size trucks and SUVs generally aren't really feminine. Maybe the Honda Pilot and Toyota Sequoia ae exceptions to this, as they lack the bold styling that the competition has.

    If you can get over the bold grille and huge headlamps, you will realize that the Escalade is just a rebadged Tahoe/Yukon. It could be said that the Navigator is a rebadged Expeditions, but it has a good looking and stylish interior. I didn't know interiors like the Navigator weren't stylish and appealing.

    Luxury SUV's are about combining the luxury of a sedan with the power and utility of a truck. They are also about making a statement. The Escalade definetly makes a statement wiht it's bold styling. The Navigator isn't so bold, but it also won't go unnoticed. Face it, I don't think any other full size luxury SUV except the Escalade gets more looks than a Navigator.

    Then there's the interior. Lincoln was smart not to slap on wood on a Ford Expedition dash and call it the new Navigator. Lincoln thoughtfully made a new interior to justify the Navigator's +60K price tag. GM, the master of rebadging and badge engineering just slapped some wood and chrome on a Yukon/Tahoe dash and called it the Escalade's interior.

    If the Navigator got a horsepower raise, to say 350, I know it would dominate this segment. The Escalade, if it gets a new interior and more features may also dominate this segment. Until then, both of these trucks continue to sell.

    Finally, please don't call a vehicle Feminine just because you can't appreciate it.
  • mrpricemrprice Posts: 4
    Yes, It is true I am partial to the Escalade. If we all had the same taste the roads would be pretty boring. I have been on the phone at length with Cadillac and it appears that no major changes are in line for the Escalade until 2007. It looks like another year of the same body style. Until then I will be content with the present styling. Happy driving!
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    Ouch. GM better hurry.... the talking heads have been saying that the SUV craze is dying down a bit. I was just thinking: if you could take the engine and styling of an Escalade and the interior/transmission/suspension from a Navigator, you'd have a pretty good SUV. :)
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729
    New Tahoe for 2006. New Escalade the following year. That's usually how it goes with "badge-engineered" models. The basic model gets redesigned, then the luxury offshoot comes after.

    With sales so strong, redesigning the Escalade is not a priority as resdesigning a Caddy Catera, for example. :lemon:

    On this Nav vs. Eslade., issue, my view is the Navigator is the one you marry, the Escalade is the one you want to be with, and be seen with. :P

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Look, call the gator Feminine if you want to, it doesn't offend me. I like women just fine. But between the Escalade, with it's curvy hips, sides & fenders, there's no questions the boxy and straight Gator is more masculine and muscular and the Slade is the Feminine one. Either way, I live inside the truck, and the interior of the Gator is superior to the Slade, the features sell me. Lincoln may not be cool, I'll give you that one. Lincoln has no direction as a brand at this point, the Navigator is the only thing they have going at the moment. But they have the best SUV on the road IMO at this time, and GM is so on their butt, they may never get around to redesigning the Escalade. They may never get the money scraped up to design a new one. They may be in bankruptcy before then.
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    All of the SUVs will be out this winter.
  • caddys4lifecaddys4life Posts: 15
    i have seen the 07 escalde. it is sweet. it has the grill from the concept sixteen. and the interior is vastly improved and looks more luxurious. the new escalde will blow the competition away. Just when you thought it couldn't get better GM surprises you comes up with a stunning SUV like this. and by the way news for the escalde will be coming up shortly to the media. And they have already designed the new escalde and it is ready to go into production in the next few months.
  • caddys4lifecaddys4life Posts: 15
    ho is the navigator a better buy? yea maybe the interior is better but hey i have an escalde and the interiors arent bad. the navigator doesnt have that eye catching styling, it is boring and looks like the old ones except for a few things. the escalde has that got to have it factor and looks mean coming down the road when u look at its grill while the navigator looks soft. the ESCALDE is definitly a better choice just on the looks itself.
  • caddys4lifecaddys4life Posts: 15
    how is the navigator a better buy? yea maybe the interior is better but hey i have an escalde and the interiors arent bad. the navigator doesnt have that eye catching styling, it is boring and looks like the old ones except for a few things. the escalde has that got to have it factor and looks mean coming down the road when u look at its grill while the navigator looks soft. the ESCALDE is definitly a better choice just on the looks itself.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Is there a reason why you can spell Navigator, which you don't like, but you can't spell Escalade (3 times), which you think is so much better, and you say you own, caddys4life?

    It may just be that one factor alone, that keeps me in the Navigator......
  • bosshoggbosshogg Posts: 16
    Blk Cadillac, I sure appreciate your comments regarding the Escalade. I share your opinions thouroughly. And just wanted to add that its easy to take shots at the "Big Dog". The Cadillac Escalade REVOULUTIONIZED the full size SUV market and continues to dominate it. Heck you clowns have wheels on your trucks right now! thanks to the trend setting Escalade. If you think about it the 99-00 Escalade was just simply a test run to find out if there was even a market for Cadillac Suv's and well guess what? GM found out that there was. So out comes the Boss in 2001 as an 02 model and Cadillac has never looked back. The Escalade is still as popular as ever new or used. And then the Johny come lately Manufacturers throw in 1 or 2 cool new options on their vehicles in an attempt to have a selling point over the Reining King of Suv's. Hmmmmm, Im just wondering.... how difficult must it be for the "competition" of the Escalade to build an "SUV" to compete with when its been out for them to study from since 2001. Does anyone know?

    Also I should note the 2007 is coming!!! and Uh Oh! I just thought of something, Wait let me see for a second:

    1) General Motors is the largest Cooperation in the US $$
    2)Re-designing the #1selling Luxury Suv in America
    3)Cadillac's new direction is performance driven and already proven for Luxury
    4)A Huge new customer base combined with their huge loyal customer base but aaahhhhh..... I wouldnt worry to much about it you only have to wait 2 or 3 yrs before the competion will play catch up again and then you guys will have your opportunity to heckle and point out more useless "flaws" ;^)
  • callmedrfillcallmedrfill Posts: 729
    First Ting: #1 selling Luxury SUV in America?

    That would be the RX330, the ONE vehicle that outsells the THREE Caddys 2:1. And this gap will increase with the 400h (Still ONE vehicle, with two different engines).

    Can't qualify this. This is fact.

    And my steamy #2: Caddy Escalade customer base.

    The normal Escalade sells no more than a GX470, or X5. If it sold 50-60k a year, then you'd have reason to crow. People who are buying the ESV or EXT are not interested in the base Escalade becuase they need another vehicle altogether, but enjoy the engine/styling enough to buy into it's bretheren. The EXT and ESV should count no more toward Escalade total sales as the Matrix to Corolla sales. They share many parts, but couldn't be more different, for differnt buyers.

    Let's hold the applause down to it's a success (Fairly new territory for Cadillac, no?)

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    1) the personal attacks
    2) off-topic discussion about Cadillac (and/or GM) in general
    3) trying to "prove" each other wrong. Opinions are just that.

    Stick to the upcoming Escalade, and tone down the hostility. Off-topic posts have been removed.


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  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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