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2016 Grand Cherokee Summit: Adaptive headlights

agupta22016agupta22016 Member Posts: 9
edited February 2016 in Jeep
I am thinking about buying a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 4x4. As I was checking out features on, I noticed that till 2015, JGC Summit had adaptive headlights. In 2016, the adaptive headlights are missing from the description.

For 2015:

The headlight description in above link for 2015 GC clearly says Adaptive headlights.

For 2016:

Jeep has dropped Adaptive headlights from description. I have read hundreds of user reviews, comments and seen video reviews, but no one mentions whether or not the 2016 JGC Summit has adaptive headlights. Can someone please confirm?


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  • agupta22016agupta22016 Member Posts: 9
    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for confirming. I did get in touch with FCA directly and they also confirmed that the feature has been removed but they said that they were not privy to design decisions and could not tell me why it was removed.

    I have since then dropped the idea of buying a jeep because I cannot be sure if all the advertised features will be there when I take the delivery.

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