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03 Tahoe overheating and heater blowing cold

reluctantmechreluctantmech Member Posts: 1
edited February 2016 in Chevrolet
So far I have replaced the water pump, tstat, flushed the system twice and it's still overheating the weird thing is after the first flush (done after I replaced the pump and tstat) ran fine for 2 weeks then all of the sudden it starts overheating on my way to work. Both times it over heated right as I noticed it my heater went ice cold. I've notice that it gurggles from the heater core when I start it or shut it down. Is it possible that my heater core is causing my truck to overheat and if not what else could it be besides a blown head gasket because I know that is a possibility but I want to see if it's anything else before I jump straight to that.
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