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2000 Durango - Truck won't start, I smell gas! Please help!

dodge00rangododge00rango Member Posts: 2
edited March 2017 in Dodge
Yesterday I went to the store and parked my Durango. I own a 2000 Dodge Durango 4.7l v8. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I come back out after about 10 minutes, get in, and start her up. It's particularly chilly here in Indiana so I always give her the proper time to warm up. The truck starts fine and runs normal for about a minute. Then the trouble begins. She starts losing RPM's and begins to shake a bit. I try revving the engine but gas pedal does nothing at all. She then cuts off. I start her again and she turns over for a half second then shuts off. After about 3 times the truck won't even turn over anymore. I got a P0551 trouble code on the dash.(If you turn over ignition to the start position 3 times it'll show any OBD trouble codes). But it's possible that was there before. My check engine light was already on due to a P0700 code that I'm working on with the transmission. I think it's unrelated due to the truck running fine before with that code showing. Anyhow, a P0551? A power steering pressure switch? Huh? That won't stop the truck from turning over! So I get a tow back to my garage and ended up replacing the pressure switch (it was a simple fix) but now to figure out why the truck won't start. She will turn and turn and turn like she wants to start but can't. Now that I'm in my garage is when I smell gas! This is troubling because I know from past experiences that it sounds like the fuel isn't getting where it's supposed to be. First thought is oh no not the fuel pump! That's my hunch but before I go dropping this huge tank I wanna be sure that it's not something else instead. Anyone have any other ideas as to what it might be? A truck on the verge of 250,000 miles I have to take into consideration that everything is bound to go out sooner or later. I know the pump sits inside the tank along with the Fuel pressure regulator. It's also worth mentioning that the few second buzz you here before you start the truck( I think is from the punk itself) is no longer making that noise that it's supposed to. Please help with any suggestions or ideas. I appreciate everyone's help in advance! Thank you! Best Regards, Pat P.S. Truck has about 250,000 miles and the only codes were the P0551 and the P0700. Already fixed the P0551 though. No other codes popped up. Would a code even pop up for a bad fuel pump?


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    stupidwrenchstupidwrench Member Posts: 6
    first thoughts to my head immediately fuel also ...have you checked or changed the fuel filter..also I know that is some vehicles but there is a sock on the bottom of the fuel pump (specially ones with metal tanks instead of plastic) another thought possible but rare water in the bottom of your tank
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    docskyhawkdocskyhawk Member Posts: 2
    edited March 2017
    Check the wires coming from the power steering sensor. If they are wet with fluid, it could be leaking and wicking down the wiring harness to the O2 sensors(common on the 4.7). The truck may be running fine at first start up on open loop mode and then starts adjusting for O2 readings. If those are shorted due to leak, its telling the ECM to adjust fuel with incorrect readings. Mine was doing that and it was telling the ECM it was lean and dumping fuel into it making it run very very rich. If you find this, you can unplug the o2 sensors and see if it gets better. If so, you may need new ones and clean out the wiring harnesses. Mine was bad enough that I needed to run new wires from the O2's to the ECM since the harnesses are/were soaked with steering fluid.
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