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looking into buying 95 3000GT SL

eubeezyeubeezy Member Posts: 1
edited February 2016 in Mitsubishi
Hey, im looking to buy a 1995 3000gt SL soon, 5 spd, and I was hoping somebody could offer some advice on what to look for when I test drive it tomorrow. Problems, either mechanically or etc, and maybe some advice on how to work on that 20 year old interior haha. Whatever (potential) problems/fixes I can spot may affect the price so im hoping someone here can help me out. the exterior is in good condition.

it has 170k~ miles, the asking price is about $2800. will the high miles be an issue on this particular engine? I already confirmed the vin is clean, and I plan on taking it to a mechanic tomorrow or this weekend.

I'll gladly welcome any and all advice for the buying process and any affiliated maintenance. Also would appreciate tuning ideas for the SL so I can gauge approx how much I might spend after I buy it. Thank you!
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