2017 GMC Acadia Gets Price Cut, Starts at $29,995 | Edmunds.com

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2017 GMC Acadia Gets Price Cut, Starts at $29,995 | Edmunds.com

The all-new 2017 GMC Acadia midsize SUV will start at $29,995 when it arrives at GMC dealerships this spring.

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  • fordescortgtfordescortgt Member Posts: 32
    Does anyone else see a Durango look? I mean every time I look at this that is all I see. Plus sad that this marks the end of the LARGE Cross over, Next to a minivan this was the closet thing in Interior Space. I guess GM wants a point to the size of a Tahoe/Yukan Besides towing rating. Plus I am sure they want it to be easier to maneuver around mall parking lots.
  • Texas_DriverTexas_Driver Dallas, TXMember Posts: 3
    Yea, and it is a shame... What really made the Traverse/Acadia/Enclave stand out was their size.

    I owned a 2011 Ford Explorer Limited but it was too small for my family, I looked at the Acadia Denali, but it lacks the technology of the explorer (Adaptive Cruise Control, collision warning, etc.).

    The ONLY thing the Acadia was really missing was the technology from Ford. Now it has it, but lost all the space. This would have been an instant purchase for me, had they left it the same size as before. Now why bother? Just get a Highlander/Explorer/etc.

    The size shrink is not minor, I think that is a misstep on their part, it takes away the one thing that was special about it. But that is my opinion, sales will tell the tale.
  • valveguy2valveguy2 Member Posts: 7
    I saw the new one in person and got to drive it. I was underwhelmed.
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