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Airbag and engine lights on

misshardermissharder Posts: 1
edited February 2016 in Saturn
Hello everyone, after reading the previous posts I see I'm not the only one with Saturn Vue problems. My Vue will not start. First time I had the coil pack, and crank position sensor replaced then I had the ECM replaced and the ignition replaced through a recall all was fine. Second time changed all relay fuses it worked fine, this time it stalled it did not start. Airbag, engine, and service light on, steering became hard, dome light and locks don't work. Took it for diagnostic they found corroded under hood Fuse Block terminals;code P0629 Fuel Pump Relay High Voltage; Terminals corroded at Fuel Pump Relay. It seems there are two problems with the Fuel Pump - the relays and the terminals from the description. Fuel Pump relay that reads high voltage code P0629 and corroded Fuel Pump terminal relays. They stated both relay and block terminals are corroded what and where are the terminals and relays I was not informed. They then swapped relays for Fuel Pump and wipers - wipers were working fine, don't know why they did that without permission; especially since stated on diagnostic that Fuel Pump relay has code P0629 high voltage. After the swap my gas gauge began not reading correctly going from full to empty to half-full, to empty; is this a coincidence or part of the above problem. After the diagnostic was complete they recommended to replace the under hood Fuse Block assy(?) and re-evaluate. What is (assy) this is what's on diagnostic sheet, maybe they meant asst. still don't know what that abbreviation is. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Could my problem be the Fuse Block, the relays, the terminals, the ECM again, the BCM, or the alternator. Can someone please tell me where and what are the relays and terminals and where to find them on the '03 AWD Saturn 3.0 V6 Vue can't look it up on YouTube because the videos keeps giving errors and not showing at all so can't get information there. Thank you in advance. Hope I removed all typing errors.
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