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Tailgate lamp for pickups ?

usatrucker707usatrucker707 Posts: 7
edited March 2014 in Dodge
Has anyone seen these.... or more importantly does anyone own a truck with one ? I have a 2003 dodge ram and recently saw a 2004 Ram with a tailgate lamp (or so it looked). I'm guessing this was a custom job, but figured I'd come to Edmunds and ask the experts. . . . if it's an aftermarket add on i'm very interested in buying one, however I'm even more curious as to how you would install and run the wires for something like this. If anyone has one let me know

Thanks in advance!


  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    are you taking about like a brake light that is on the tailgate or a running lamp? Most HDs (2500/3500) chevys, fords, dodges have this on the tailgate.

    There is a product called line of fire and its a brake light that you mount under the tailgate and it is a brake light. It runs the length of the tailgate
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Is that the one that makes your truck look like a Christmas tree?
  • Yes, the light is just a brake light but I guess I like the added appearance. I saw that the wireharness runs through the bottom of the tailgate at it's centerpoint to connect to the truck. Does anyone know how you're supposed to get the tailgate off w/ that added wireharness that's connected at the middle of the truck ? I'm wondering if that's a big issue when it's time to take the tailgate off (if ever?)
  • I'm just upping this because there's gotta be someone that knows how to take one of these tailgates off...
  • I still don't understand how you remove the tailgate from your truck with wires running from the center of your tailgate to the body of the truck. Does anyone know this ? Also, those "line of fire" products look to be something different than what I saw. I've got pictures of what I'm talking about but no where to host them. The problem is still there though.... do these tailgates come off easily ?
  • akjbmwakjbmw Posts: 231
    The picture that shows the bar with the wiring attached fairly clearly reveals that the wiring connects with a standard flat four wire plug.
    The wire looks to be long enough to reach back to behind the center of the bumper where the trailer connector is likely to be found hiding.
    You would disconnect it there. Easier than removing the tailgate.
  • No one knows how to take off the tailgate of a Ram pickup with the wireharness going through the middle of the tailgate ?
  • Thanks for the reply, but I think we're both a little confused. I'm not talking about the "line of fire" rear lights. I'm talking about the standard light fixture that is built into the tailgate. If you look close you can see that on the Dodge Ram there is a hole in the bottom/middle of the tailgate and another hole on the body side. This is where wires are run through. My question is: How do I remove the tailgate with the plastic wires running through to the body ? My owners manual doesn't have any information and I just thought the experts here at EDMUNDS would be able to help. If anyone still can, or wants pictures of what I'm talking about post up your e-mail and I will send them immediately.

    Thanks a lot!
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