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2016 340i xDrive

xeyexeye Member Posts: 168
edited February 2016 in BMW
I've had three (3) 335i xDrives over the last 9 years. I had a 2007, 2011 & 2013. My wife had a pre-owned '95 318ti (135,000 miles when traded in for $1,500) until 2013, then a 2013 328i xDrive, and for a brief unpleasant interval, a 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth (like 2 really frickin' loud Harley Davidson hogs bolted together) and since December 2015, a CPO 2011 135i ragtop. She can't wait to get in the 135i car for her 37 mile commute in Massachusetts traffic. She had a stick before, now an automatic with paddles that makes the commute far more pleasant. I initially went in to the dealership at an invite to collect a travel mug and highway kit, and would up with this car. Yes, they saw me coming. I know.

My turn.

My local dealership called me a few weeks ago offering to buy my car, a 2013 335i xDrive with ~38K miles. I have always taken excellent care of my BMWs (even if I didn't care much about my first car, a Dodge Omni in 1980-something). I didn't give it much thought. I figured I'd hear what they had to say. Yesterday, I drove away with a new (12 miles on the odo) 2016 340i xDrive

My 335s had always been 6-speed sticks. I was a die-hard. Due to shoulder arthritis issues, I felt it better to swap out for an automatic (WAIT!! It's OK!)

Since yesterday at noon, I have put on about 180 miles just toodling around my town. Maybe some aggressive toodling, as much as can be done while trying not to overstress the motor during break-in.

I can not tell you how much I enjoy driving this magnificent machine.

The auto tranny in normal D mode is sublime. It's as near to perfect as any automatic ever. It is NOT a slushbox.

Tweak the shift column to the left and it becomes intuitive. It will anticipate your braking and downshift automatically, and perfectly every time.

In normal auto mode, the manual paddle shifting will revert to nanny A mode after several seconds, BUT leave it in left-side column slant (SPORT) mode and the manual mode (paddle-shifters) will reign, AND THAT'S WHERE THE REAL FUN IS.. You get all the joy-joy without the 3rd pedal. It ain't all about the 3rd pedal!!

Between the Sport mode (selectable between Eco, Comfort, Spot & Sport+), and the Sport mode on the shift stick and the paddle shifters, I have never had as much fun in a luxury sport sedan than BMWs latest top-o'-the-line 3 series.

The 16 speaker Harmon Kardon audio system isn't too shabby either.

For me, I really REALLY enjoy driving my new 340i. BTW, I work in Information Technology if it sounds like I work for BMW. Not even close.

Have fun. Be safe. Drive fast.

Black Metallic
Corral Red Leather

Cold Weather
Driver Assistance I
M Sport
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