Importing Canadian Baja into the US?

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Has anyone imported a Canadian Subaru into the US? I'm considering looking for a Canadian Baja to bring into NYS. We have a Baja now but it's getting up there in miles, and am tempted by the fact that Canadian spec Bajas had the all weather package which wasn't even an option here. I'd love me some heated seats!

Assuming I can find one with lower miles (km) what do I need to do to get it here? I know I need a letter from SOA with the vin stating it meets US standards, but what else will I have to do? I've tried googling but for some reason it's like reading Greek, I can't figure out what else I'll need to do. We do have some friends that live in Canada that can at least direct us to their version of the DMV if needed, as well as give us a ride to pick up the car. Can anyone give me a step by step? It would be a private sale (no dealer)-at least I assume since these will be at least 10 years old at this point, so warranty info isn't an issue.

Someone please help unconfuse me!! I feel like this isn't as complicated as I am thinking it is, so I feel a bit stupid asking but for some reason I just can't figure the steps out past the letter.
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