2007 SVT Cobra

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Anyone know some details on this? I found this on Motortrend:

2006 Ford Mustang Cobra: SVT returns with a high-performance Mustang Cobra for the history books


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    I'll be really excited when this comes out!
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    This looks more like a Shelby, so I might be posting this in the wrong thread.

    http://roadandtrack.com/article.asp?section_id=9&article_id=1- 195


    "...boasts a 600 horsepower 6.4-liter V-10 and tips the scales at a fairly lithe 3100 lbs. with a 50/50 weight distribution"
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    is there any credible info out there on a possible up and coming 06 shelby mustang or svt cobra mustang being made for 06? I want to hold out on the 05 mustang gt,if there is a new svt coming out next year,or i suppose i could buy an 05 and trade it in later,if one comes out!either way i would like to know any credible info on this subject!!!thankx,stang22
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    I don't have a handy reference but I remember reading Ford plans a series of models after the base and GT coupes come out. Of course, convertibles will follow soon. I think there's going to an upgrade package coming similar to the current Mach I package. And within about a year an SVT Cobra with a supercharged engine at or above 400 HP will be offered.
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    I think the car you are posting is the Ford Cobra, not the Ford Mustang Cobra. They indicate it's the successor to the Ford GT, not the Ford Mustang GT.
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    There was an article in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, I believe, about the model year 06 OR 07 Mustang Cobra SVT. 500 hp with the help of a supercharger will be the battle cry of all of us Cobra & performance wakkos! I'll search my Mustang Mag files... I get three different mags!
    (I own a 2004 Mustang Mysticobra Convertible... very sweet!)
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    Word from Ford is it will be offered in fall of 06 as a 07 model. Details are sketchy, but it will be supercharged.
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    Not trying to start anything here, but would there be need of an SVT Mustang Cobra if the Shelby is produced? Or vice versa? Would the Shelby be built in-house, like the 69-70 or would it be like the 65 - 68 models?

    And if both are produced, which one would be higher in the pecking order, the Shelby or the Cobra? OR do we dare hope it'll be a repeat like it was in 69 - 70, where there were Boss, Shelby and Mach I ponies galloping around.

    Also, which one would most likely be relegated as another Mustang package, like the Mach 1?

    Any thoughts?
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    Just to clear things up - these are two different cars. Acutally, very different cars. Fortunately for the buying public they occupy two different segments and therefore can coexist together.

    The two-seater Shelby is intended to be the successor to the GT and promises to be an even better performer. Can't wait.

    The Mustang Cobra should arrive next year and will boast and independent rear suspension, bigger brakes, lower ride height, +400hp and a six speed transmission. Ford claims to have the BMW M3 as a target. Aim high.
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    Wow, targeting the M3... That means they might put it on a bit of a diet I hope?? That's my biggest concern with Mustangs, is the fact they are a bit bulky.

    If they're going after the M3, expect another price hike as well!
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    I am VERY aware they are two different cars, that's not what I was asking about. I guess I wasn't clear enough for you..Shelby Mustang vs Mustang Cobra, not Shelby Cobra vs Mustang Cobra, if that helps. Plus, who wants an VW-Audi-fied cobra ;) anyway and who would compare a Shelby Cobra to a Mustang Cobra?

    I do think Coletti (spelling?) is wrong again in thinking the M3 is this car's target (same statement was made when the 390-horse came out). People buying M3s are aware there is a hi-po Mustang out there, but for the most part, a Mustang is not even on their radar screen or shopping list. M3 buyers really aren't cross-shopping Mustangs, even the Cobra. Because again, at the end of the day, the feeling is "it's just a Mustang". M3 competitors are the S4 and the like, not a Mustang.
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    I own a 2000 GT Convert. and I have been waiting for the redesigned Stang. I love the new (old) style and my plan is to get a Cobra. I had the pleasure of seeing the 05 GT in person and I am in love. Waiting for Ford to put out the Cobra is going to be brutal. I was told they won't be around until Summer 2006. A year and a half?! Something tells me that it will be worth the wait.
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    Read in some online magazine, I think it was Autoweek, about some possibilites for the next gen Cobra.

    The one they had sported 601hp and a factory 1/4 mile in the 11's! Yep, 11.9. It was a GT with like $14k in mods....
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    I work at and sell new cars at a Ford dealer. I'm also a car enthusiast. I can't wait for the next version of the Cobra. However, our Ford rep doesn't even know what is coming at this time. The good part is the existing Gt's are incredible. I drove one for a very short time and I was amazed with the car. The horsepower seems much stronger than anything else I have driven caiming 300 horsepower. I think just like the Cobra, it again is underrated.
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    i went to look at the 05 mustang GT at the local ford dealer and was rather unimpressed. It looks great from the outside, but the interior plastics were only marginally better than the last model mustang. the handbrake is dreadful, very odd angle and too much effort to pull up. the shifter was worlds better than the last 5 speed, but still not as good as even an SVT focus. the steering wheel is ugly too. i understand the retro style, i just dont care for it.

    Something i think would improve the mustang line would be a better interior option, something like the F-150's lariat package, with better interior quality, something you could pay extra for if you wanted it. i understand that one of the mustang's strongest selling points is value, so you could still have the base option for the price-conscious and a nice interior for those that can afford it. the corvette could benefit with a similar package. I havent driven the new mustang, just sat in one and that was my impression. As for the cobra, i would expect 400-415 hp and equal or better torque, and a six-speed transmission-a hurst shifter like in the trans am firehawks would be better. Another cool option that i would like to see would be T-Tops!
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    Well, I'm beginning to deduce a bit more about the 06 SVT Cobra by (how else at 2030hrs on a Sunday?) surfing the web and making all types of search requests. Naturally, I got a good steer from this board.


    Yep...I need one of these also. But, I want it with a few really cool features. Guess what? I saw a picture of the concept on a Canadian web site tonight and it does have at least one of the details I need.....the Shelby style forward and low hood scoop ala the '68 Shelby, the air scoops in front of the rear wheels (subtle styling, nice)...and something I can't totally make out in the C-pillar holes. I REALLY HOPE it is a set of LeMans type (functional) air extractors! MUCH NICER than gill like slats (although they were functional also). Mustang design decision makers! Take notice....if you don't put the Le Mans type air extractor on it....I'll fabricate and install my own set! :>) I will own this Cobra, it's just a matter of time.
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    Sorry, I just can't get used to the Retro Mustang. Those days are gone. Interior looks too plastic and the colors are gawdy. Since, they are kind of stuck with the shark mouth look, I don't anticipate much change from the GT to the Cobra. I fear I will have to look elsewhere for something more stylish. They just went too far.
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    Well, I must say you have a good idea here with your statement "Retro Mustang". This might be a good time to just say it out loud. Folks are starving for a Mustang that they can drive to work and still feel very good about the style. Yep, I can see it now....a really green H/12v. powered 2 door plain jane Mustang. Just like the 2 door 6 cyl. auto (no air/AM radio) they made a million of....and then turned 100,000 of us into hi-po nuts.


    Yep....I think there is a possibility that Ford could do it again. Run a grocery getter sell/sale session in the same cubicle than they could run a "R-Code" sale. 2 different customers, same car?

    Certainly same allure.


    Price difference? How about letting the greenies pay the freight this time?


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    your right about 400hp// mustang needs that to keep up with anyone, now dayz//
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    m3 baby// 333hp 261 torque// go figure// add a turbo or super charger just like mustang than what// stock mustang isnt you know really in its league// an if you want to go that route// talking about acobra this an that// ok get the bigger bader m5 an see who wins
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    Not sure what m3baby means - he has some grammar issues.

    Not sure why he talks about a $24k stock mustang vs the new estimated $90k M5. Odd.


    btw, the 2006 M3 will be a 400hp V8; probably right at $50k.
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    The M5 and the mustangs are in two different classes, the m5 in the sports car and the mustang in the muscle car (gas guzzler) class. although i believe that since the camaro and firebird are out, the mustang is targeted for the gto and corvette (ill explain in a min.). i have heard that the expected shelby gt 350 and 500 will boast a over 500hp v8 competing with the corvette and gto. Also the saleen s281 (i think thats the #) has a (around) 550 hp sc v8 in it. plus the mustangs are amazingly high on tourqe and will beat any m3 in the 1/4 mi. seeing as the m3 has a lot less tq as the mustang, and also ford has a VERY stout engine in the mustangs now, beating other cars with the same amount of hp and tq (camaro+firebird)
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    The "601 hp" Mustang you mentioned that was featured in Autoweek some time ago is the same 690 hp 2003 Mustang Cobra fitted with aftermarket SVT parts that Edmunds just featured here:



    The "601 hp" figure, like what is mentioned in the Edmunds' article, is the output at the _rear wheels_. I don't think any car company will ever offer that kind of performance for such a low price, as that will definitely cut in to their high end cars: $33,125 base cobra + upgrades = $47,033 which would be even less if you also take into account the cost of the original factory parts that were replaced.


    It's essentially analogous to what Dodge did with their Neon. BUT even Dodge won't offer their 300 hp upgrade for the Neon SRT-4 as a factory option--like everyone else, it's only available as an aftermarket Mopar part.
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    "Hau Thai-Tang, chief engineer on the 2005 Mustang and now SVT chief, did hint we can expect the next Cobra to surpass 400 hp (we hear 450 hp) and hit a price of about $40,000. The SVT Cobra goes on sale in 2006 as an ’07 model."


    New York Auto-Show - March

    "When Ford rolls out the SVT Cobra version of its all-new Mustang at the New York auto show in March, take a peek underneath. If our sources are right, your prying eyes will spy a live rear axle—not an independent rear suspension, the setup that would be in keeping with the suspension on the outgoing model, and is therefore anticipated by the SVT Cobra faithful."
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    Given the comment about Edmunds test of the Cobra was it was like driving on black ice....
    Wonder how long before we see these in drifting competitions?
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    They need to develop some sort of AWD option. I know that's completely against everything the pony car stands for though.
    Heck, then come out with a new car, and put the technology into it! High hp and AWD!
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    That wouldn't work. Ford's marketing plan is to offer existing proven technology in new and exciting designs, all whilst keeping the price lower than other vehicles in their comparitive class. Adding AWD, higher computer control systems for said AWD system, new suspensions, etc etc etc...would add greatly to the price of the M-SVT...
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    will there be a convertible svt? I owned the '01 cobra vert, was fun...
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    There was an article in Motorweek about the 2006 Mustang Cobra. It has 550 horse. AMAZING!
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    Sheesh I think my thoughts of ordering the 05 GT Vertible next month have now changed thanks to the new 2006 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500... completely awesome!

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    First of all the M5 is not a sports car. A sports car, by definition has 2 seats and an open top. Also there is no chance that the Mustang could beat the M3 in the quarter. For the record the 2005 Mustang GT, with 300 hp and 315 lb/ft of torque does the standing quarter in 14.1 where as the current M3 without the SMG gear box (Which is faster than any human) with it's 333hp and 262 lb/ft of torque did it in 13.1. Not to mention the fact that the M3 would smoke the Mustang through the twisties. The next generation may be quick, but the next gen M3 due out by late next year will boast a V8 with at least 400hp. Ford wants to compete with the M3, good luck. They may want to move their operations to Europe, maybe them they'll be able to produce 105 naturally aspirated hp per liter. They can't even do it with a blower. It would be nice if Ford put in some effort instead of resurecting dead designs I.E. the GT, the new mustang, and the Cobra concept. They need to take a lesson from VWAG and come up with something origional. (VWAG stands for Volkswagon Automotive Group, for the majority of people on this post, who apparently know nothing about cars. NASCAR is not racing try watching LeMans.
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    Here is the problem that you may not be thinking about. Your talking about a BMW M5($58,000-80,000) vs a Ford Mustang Cobra ($32,000-40,000). Your spending at around $20,000-40,000 more for a M5. If I could afford a M5 I would most likely get one. Ford is more the less trying to appeal to the ones like me who can afford the payments. That is also why they manage to sell so many Mustangs. I have a 1998 Cobra which I have invested roughly $20,000 into. Now since I have spent more money on my Cobra I would demolition a M5 whether it be through the turns or the straight away. Me pushing 700rwhp (825rwhp on the spray) and having my suspension upgraded would just not be right if I was lined up with a M5. My main point being is that Manufactors appeal to different crowds with different models.
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    If you just can't wait you might consider a Saleen! The S281-3Valve is featured in the April Road and Track. Its around $43K. Saleen also has turbo charged options.
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    the current one costs around $48,000. The next one will cost over $50,000.

    Not to be rude but, one should drive the new Mustang GT before writing it off.

    Here is the Mustang GT which was shown at the 2004 SEMA show. This one will race in Grand-Am Cup. Mustang GTs went 1-2 at this season's first race.


    The new Mustang convertible's chassis is twice as rigid as the 2004 Mustang convertible's chassis. Here is the coupe's chassis.


    The 05 Mustang GT's 4.6 V-8 engine weighs 75 pounds less than last year's iron block 4.6 V-8. It also has variable valve timing.

    Who cares if the Mustang has "old" styling? It is this year's hottest car.

    Carroll Shelby and Ford joined forces back in 2003.

    Here is the Shelby Cobra GT500 that was recently shown at the New York auto show.


    Who cares if the 07 Shelby Cobra GT500 doesn't have over 100 hp per liter? The current BMW M3 has a highly-stressed engine and it has had two service actions affecting dozens of thousands of M3s worldwide.

    Let's just wait and see how the Shelby Cobra GT500 compares with the next M3 before saying this or that.
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    from the Grand-Am 200 at Daytona earlier this year. Two Mustang GTs were 1-2.


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    My honest mistake on the M5 and M3 mix up. Now your telling me to buy a better car? Your telling me to buy a big boy car? Please define what exactly is better and is a big boy car? To me my car is a better car..."to each his own" is a very powerful phrase. I bought the car because I had a 93 5.0 Mustang before. I race my cars as well. My car is very streetable and is my hobby. Also me sinking $20k into my car doesn't mean I am rich and can just spend a load of money at once. I have had my current Cobra for 3 years. When I bought the car I made a mere $29,000/yr. It was something that I could afford. Now over the 3 years I have been working my pay has increased to $50,000 year. So when I bought my car I couldn't afford much more. Now that I can, it doesn't mean that I have to upgrade to a "better" car because I am very pleased with this Ford product. Thank you.
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    I was at the car show yesterday...WOW!!! Have you ever gone looking to disprove a theory about how much you are REALLY going to love a car? I went to PROVE I DIDN'T want a Mustang (actually, that I didn't want the SHELBY). OH MY GOD. I am in love. The ultimate in MUSCHLE. The lines on this car are unbelieveable. The power of this car is awesome (oh yeah, it will be 450+ hp. The "+" is the variable they are keeping close to the vest). The care is beautiful and I am going to call my dealer on Monday (who happens to be an SVT dealer) to see about putting a deposit down. The news from the show is they will come in late 2006, but more than likely, 2007. I also wen to the SALEEN area. Very nice cars, but I felt like I was looking at a "Pimp my ride" show. I will buy one and love it. Just thought I'd share. By the way, the Ford rep I spoke to was extremely knowledgeable not only about the current cars, but the history as well. Great show by FORD!
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    Uhm, Eurocarswin, please post some links to your assertion that the M3 is a second quicker in the qtr mile. Checking Car and Driver, they have the SMG running to 60 in 4.8 and hitting the Qtr in 13.4 with the SMG. They also have the Stang hitting 60 in 5.1 and hitting the Qtr in 13.5.

    And, the M3 is $17k more expensive. I'm not sure I'd be crowing so loudly.

    And, as far as "smoke(ing) the Mustang through the twisties" lets take a look at a race series where Mustangs and M3s compete in the same class...

    Mustang vs. M3

    ...whats that? Wins in 2 out of 3 races? And its not even a NASCAR race. Yeah, what a dog. And, the Ford owned Mazda RX-8, defending champs BTW, pummeled the BMW Z4s and 330s in the ST class. Face it, and I say this as a current BMW owner, the world has caught up with BMW.
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    OK, this discussion is specifically about the 2006 SVT Cobra ONLY, and not a topic to debate whether my car can beat up your car.


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    does anyone have any info on a convertible model of this amazing new car?
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    I have seen many articles concerning the new '06-'07 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500. The title alone indicates someone doesn't know what it will be. I agree with another person here in this forum. Let's make up our minds! Will it be a Shelby or a Mustang Cobra? The one thing we are forgetting is the price. How many of us really believe it will cost $40,000 as advertised. Think again! The Ford GT-40 had a sticker price of $120,000-$130,000+(550hp). You can't own one without doubling or tripling that price. I had a 1995 Cobra ($23,000)and loved the hell out of it. I also can't wait for this new Ford to enter the streets. However, we all must think in real times here. With 450hp, what new vehicle do you know of is around $40,000? (BMW-M3 $50,000+ w/333hp). For years I have been awaiting a car like this. But the big question is; How many people will be able to afford it? Will some deep pocket idiot enter a dealership and order one willing to pay any cost, which will undoubtably drive it's price higher than a ghiraff's A-HOLE? These are important questions here. Let's keep it on a level playing field. "FORD DEALERSHIPS, ARE YOU LISTENING!!"
    I was in the market for a new Porsche 998 ($78,000+ w/340hp) :shades: but, after reviewing pics of this new Ford; I'll wait! If it's less than $80,000 I'll buy!! :P
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    lets see BMW beat the Ford GT...also know in europe as the Ferrari Killer.
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    I'm still trying to reconcile these two statements:

    "Will some deep pocket idiot enter a dealership and order one willing to pay any cost, which will undoubtably drive it's price higher than a ghiraff's A-HOLE?"


    "If it's less than $80,000 I'll buy!!"
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    Just to clarify...

    Ford's new mid-engined 550 hp super car is the Ford GT, not the GT40. Someone owns the "GT40" name. The Ford GT40 won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966, 1967, 1968, and 1969.

    I think the Porsche you are thinking of is the 997 which is the new 911, which suffers from the RMS (rear main seal) leaks of the previous 911 (though not as badly). This RMS leak came out on the 1997 Boxster.

    I think $40,000 is a fair price to pay for a car like the 2007 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500. It looks stunning.
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    First of all,all you bmw and foreign car owners need to take your topics over to a different forum,or better yet,maybe move over to europe if you like your car sooo much!! As THIS forum is reserved for the new Shelby Cobra GT-500 Mustang, and for all TRUE American Muscle Car Fanatics,who truly appreciate a REAL High performance vehicle from good old USA-USA!!!! Key words here are American Muscle car(coupe),Not some 4-dr. velvetta cheese box from europe!!That being said,I believe this is going to be one hott-hott car when it comes out next year for about $39,500!! It will not only be the best bang for the buck,but it will compete with cars $30,000 over that.I can't wait to place my order,and actually get to see the road track test,on this beautiful beast!!! FORD HITS ONE OUT OF THE PARK!!! GRAND SLAM BABY!!!! USA-USA-USA!!!!! :D;)
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    Okay I own 2 mustangs one a 1994 Ford Cobra 5.0 sn95 body and a 2004 ford mustang gt. The 1994 is a svt, But I am looking in to getting the 2006 shelby cobra gt500 but I have been told who ever owns a Svt Vehicle can only get one just like the dodge viper Is this true? _ Shelby _
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    Oh, you mean dead designs like the VW Bug or Rabbit?
  • bamfordbamford Member Posts: 3
    This is not true, I know of a few people who own more than one SVT product, if anything, they should give you first picks! :-)
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    If you wanna compare it with something... Pick the GTO or something.

    400hp RWD vs est 450+hp RWD. That's about as close as you can get right now.

    The GTO stickers at like 33k right now. I hate it, but just trying to help out. I believe Edmunds recently did a comparison of it vs the 33k STi (STi won). Not that I'm trying to open up a bigger can, just pointing it out for those who'd like to read about it.

    Overall, I'm a former Mustang owner (95 base model) was my 3rd ride. Never really cared for it myself. I've always been a sucker for the 'look' of the old Shelby's, and the kits you can buy though!
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    If the Shelby is going to sell for around $40,000 then I am going to try to buy one. I think that it will hold its value well and with a supercharged 5.4 I don't think I will be modifying it too much. Maybe just add his and hers cup holders. Nah, scratch that; no eating in the car!
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