Rear end?

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I have a 1995 RHD jeep Cherokee sport 4.0 and was driving down the road when it felt like the left front locked up, rear end swung around and almost rolled because I was going 50mph. Making a terrible roaring noise, or vibration as mechanic says, rear end had very little grease in it however there was no broken metal or gears seen when removing differential cover. Replaced gasket and filled with new oil, but the noise is awful and don't understand what cause it to lock up and jerk to the right! Any ideas? TIA!!


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    reading your post since u said you found very little oil in the rear end housing I would venture to say that you have some bearings goin out due to the lack of oil. that would defiantly be the source of your noise. Actually surprised you didn't find metal shavings in the bottom of the housing. If the gears have worn down enough with little oil it will also create noise/vibration
    not sure bout what would cause the jerk tho..
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