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Looking to buy used car for around 15 k

hermann1hermann1 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2016 in General
And I want a great sound system. Id rather have a stock or upgraded sound system then aftermarket. Id rather not mess with the dash to add an aftermarket head unit and what not. Looking for a couple years old car that isn't too ugly, drives ok, and offers great sound.

Looking for recommendations. I hear the tsx with tech package is great. Anything that compares? Its kinda ugly but it's a good car. I'm also looking at a mazda3, Buick verano, and some others.

I know it sounds stupid to buy a car for the sound system but hey.

And if you guys know, how difficult/expensive is it to upgrade and add subwoofers to a stock head unit if I do end up buying a car without a good system.
Thanks in advance.
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