2015 Latitude AWD w/ 25k miles for $19400?

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That's the best offer I can get my hands on so far.

I can get a similar new for $24900 and a Toyota Rav 4 XLE AWD for $26k both w/ 0% financing.

Don't know about a used 2015 Rav4 and not much in the way of a 2014 for reasonable prices in my metro.

Anyhow, I can't decide what to do and was curious what the rest of you would.


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    I feel the Rav4 is the more sensible option... but I've honestly been driving the Cherokee (a rental) for over a week now and kind of like it and can't say as much for my parents 2015 Rav4 AWD (maxed out w/ options) I borrowed for a quick drive.

    On a side note I can grab the Jeep Renegade (not many for sale where I live so I feel these prices will drop in a year or two).
    2015 Jeep Renegade 4WD Latitude: 1000 miles for $19k
    2015 Jeep Renegade 2WD Sport: 10k miles for $17.5k (although, I might spring for a new 16 over this if I go this route)

    --Okay, not sure if I want to do this. But far away from where I live I got an offer on a New 2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude AWD for $17645 (excluding tax). Seems to be a decent price. Not sure how it compares to the Jeep Cherokee.

    Considering resale and possible problems that may arise I'm not sure what to do.... I do know I probably don't want the Jeep Patriot & Compass though.
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    The price sounds okay (you can appraise it yourself here). You can use the Make | Model | Year dropdown tabs above to price out the Renegades.

    Toyota has the better reputation for reliability and resale, but life is short and you like the Cherokee. Go with your gut.
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    So, I did some digging and was able to secure the '16 Jeep Latitude AWD w/ Cold Weather and Radio: Uconnect 8.4 for ~$26k out the door, including sales tax. Might pay more in town at $26700 out the door for the same thing, w/ additional sound/comfort group (beats a 500 mile drive).

    Think I got a decent deal, wish my bank would've done me better than 2.8% but I'm going to take one of these offers on Thursday.

    The best I got on the '15 Renegade MSRP 28375 was 23850+199+sales tax. It's a nice car but I'm not sure that's a realistic price point. Honestly, 22/23k out the door for an AWD would be reasonable in my opinion but it has to be cheaper than the Cherokee.
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    Sounds like you're doing fine.

    I've been looking at Kia financing, and the best they are offering is 2.9%. So Jeep is right in line there - I think rates have crept up a little bit in the last few months. If that's your bank rate, let the dealer know - sometimes they can beat a bank or credit union rate since they get paid for putting together a financing package.
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