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Volvo Out-Of-State Car Leases Prohibited?

jimdandy2jimdandy2 Posts: 8
edited February 2016 in Volvo
I've been shopping around recently for a lease on a new 2016 XC90. I've decided to cast a wide net in my search for the best deal. That includes out-of-state deals.

I bought a car out-of-state about 10 years ago. No problem. I saved a TON of money overall and got a little road trip out of it as well. Fun.

Fast-forward to today. I am trying to LEASE vs buy a car. The best lease deals, by far, that I have found are out-of-state. I have no problem with the logistics of an out-of-state car lease (getting there, driving back or coordinating delivery, registration requirements, etc).

However, the problem I am running into is that two out-of-state Volvo dealers have now told me that they'd love to lease me a car, but the are PROHIBITED from doing so since I am not a resident of their state (California is where the Volvo dealers are located who are saying this). They said I must have a California address in order to lease me a car. They said the exception to this was Nevada. They could lease to me if I was a Nevada resident, but not Utah or Washington or Oregon or anywhere else: Nevada. Sounds kind of crazy.

It also raises some logical questions like 1) What if I did live in California on the day I signed the lease and then moved a week later? Would I have to forfeit my lease? 2) Am I restricted to only buying cars from my home state? If so, that's a pretty big caveat and I haven't heard any new car leasing guides mention it. 3) If I am, in fact, restricted to only leasing cars in my home state, that gives car dealers in my state HUGE leverage since they know I can't really go anywhere else. I have to buy from them. If that's true, it must really suck to live in a small-market state like Wyoming or Rhode Island.

FWIW, other Volvo dealers in California have not brought this up and sound like they are perfectly willing to lease me a car even though I live out-of-state. I have told dealers here in my home state that I am shopping the deal around to other states. None of them have tried to strong-arm me by saying something like, "Good luck leasing a car out-of-state. It's against the law! You can only lease from us here in your home state."

Can anyone shed some light on this subject? Can I lease a new car out-of-state? Is this a dealer by dealer policy? Is this a California-specific policy? Is the dealer who told me this out to lunch?

I'd love to get some kind of answer to this question ASAP because I'm going to try to close on this out-of-state lease deal within the next couple of days. I'd hate to show up in CA to drive my new car home and then be told...sad trombone..."Sorry, buuuuut we actually can't lease you a car. You go home now."
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