Forester 2016 - Negotiating: starting price (Invoice vs. MSRP) and re-selling value

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I've got a question about negotiating with a dealer, as well as about re-selling price...

At my subaru dealer in California, I was told that, according to KBB, subarus have the higher re-selling prices. That's great, if you are selling your subaru (and if KBB is right). Now, to take advantage of that high re-selling price, say, in about 3 years, the buying price should be as low as possible (taking into consideration what people say "as you drive your new car out of the dealer, it immediately goes down in price").

all that taken into consideration, what % below invoice price would be a "great" deal?

Also, should I start my negotiation off of the invoice price? I am a pretty tough negotiator, and am always willing to walk away if the salesman comes with too much BS.

Now on to the example...
I see a 2016 Subaru Forester 2.0XT Touring w/ EyeSight + Nav for sale in Oakland, CA, for $37,173 (MSRP)

If I went in to negotiate this car, I would not accept anything higher than $30,000 (MSRP - 20%).

Do you think I could go lower than that? or 20% off of the MSRP would be a (real) deal-breaker for the dealer?

Going back to the re-selling price, say that I got this subaru 2.0XT Touring for $30,000 - how much, in today's market, could I expect when re-selling it in 3 years with about 35k miles?

I ask all of this because I've negotiated a couple of cars (for wife, for a friend) in the last 2 years, and even though my friends thought they got an amazing deal, I left both negotiations feeling I could have gotten an even lower price for their cars.

thanks in advance for your comments!


I got this "offer" via Edmunds for the 2.0XT Touring above:
Total MSRP $37,173
$850 Destination Fee included
Your Savings - $2,338
Vehicle Price $34,835*
Expires Feb 29, 2016

I honestly find this price of $34,835 way above what I think I could get after a few hours negotiation at the dealer. But I'd really appreciate your thoughts on how "good" of a price it is, if good at all...
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