Grinding noise

hector25hector25 Member Posts: 1
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Hello everyone I have a jeep grand Cherokee Laredo year 2000, I have fix both of the cv joints axels and a used transfer case on it but still make that grinding noise anybody could tell me what it is? especially when I make real sharp turns. any help will be very appreciated. thanks Hector.


  • carla0829carla0829 Member Posts: 1
    I had an awful grinding noise on my jeep and it was a loose torque converter bolt. Tightened the bolt and it was just fine. Then a different noise started, almost like a cricket. It got worse and louder to the point I was scared to drive it. Turns out the boot on the front drive shaft had cane out and was dry as a bone took it off and my jeep was quiet again!!. Hope this helps and sorry if my post was late.
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