My heat takes a long time to kick in on my 2006 yukon denali xl. Can anyone help?

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when I start my truck after warming up, I turn the heat on and its set to 90 degrees it will not kick on until you drive for awhile. then 5 or six mins later it will start blowing cold air. any thoughts


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    Process of elimination here . Flush/fill radiator if you have not done in the last 3 years. Change Thermostat (might not be opening or closing ) Make sure your coolant level is not low.

    Once the coolant is verified to be full, feel the heater hoses that go to the firewall. With the engine at normal operating temperature, BOTH of the heater hoses should be hot to the touch. If only one is hot, this indicates there is a blockage in the heater core or there is air trapped in the heater core preventing proper flow. I remember a friend years ago complaining about the same problem with his Yukon but it was in the 2nd row airflow. GMC did have a recall on that problem.

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