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Toyota Prius Basic Care & Maintenance



  • socalredsocalred Posts: 6
    Nope. No replies. And I was just re-posting the question someone else had already asked. I'm afraid no one knows and/or perhaps we are the only three bothered.
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Posts: 20
    To get work done on the Prius I'm thinking the bigger dealership the better for knowldge of the car I live in Michigan any body have a GOOD dealer on west side Grandrapids Holland that has a good repore with Prius
  • cyclegirlcyclegirl Posts: 1
    While jumping the 12v battery in my 2008 Prius after it discharged, once the power returned the doors locked automatically with both key fobs inside. I thought the car would not lock with the keys inside. I'm wondering if the 12v battery is allowed to discharge again will the doors automatically unlock? Any information is greatly appreciated.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I have a 2003. I just had the battery, computer, and fuel tank replaced. "

    I am assuming you mean the 12 volt battery, or was it the traction battery? What the heck happened to the fuel tank?
  • downinbhdowninbh Posts: 7
    You know, I don't know. It was the major battery, which ever one that is of the 2 you mentioned, I'm not sure. The computer system and battery. Evidently the fuel tank is connected as part of the whole thing. If you replace the computer the fuel tank has to be replaced too. That's what they told me anyway. I don't know.. I kind of get talked at not to. I don't understand cars or how they work. I tried to do some research, but......

    It's working now, except gas doesn't always register correctly in my gauge. I like the car, but I'm still a little skeptical of toyota. Thank god I had an extended warranty.
  • priusluvrpriusluvr Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 prius and just recently noticed a "crunching" noise when I turned the wheel. Now NONE of my controls on my steering wheel work, my airbag light is on, and my horn doesn't work. Anyone else have this problem? I took it to toyota and they said they needed to keep it all day and had no idea what it would cost to fix. I have no idea what I could have done to cause this problem, and frankly I do NOT want to pay for it. :cry:
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    It sounds like what's called the "clock spring" may have gone bad. This is found in all cars, and maintains electrical contact with parts on the steering wheel that turn with the wheel (like the horn button, airbag, and controls) and the electrical wiring in the column that doesn't turn. This shouldn't be a very expensive repair, and are you still under the factory or extended warranty?
  • bigred12bigred12 Posts: 12
    I'm confused by conflicting info on this... Folks on this forum seem to agree that only warranty repair work needs to be done by a dealer with a certified Prius mechanic. So I was planning to have scheduled maintenance done by my trusty independent mechanic who specializes in Toyotas (but isn't Prius certified) and has kept my Corolla and me happy for 17 years. But several friends swear that all maintenance including oil changes should be done by a certified Prius mechanic because of electrical system risks and other complexities. What's the official Toyota position?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Normal maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations can be done by anyone, including yourself. Just keep receipts or records in the event any warranty work is needed.
  • shahanshahan Posts: 2
    We have a used 2006 Prius. Have had it for about 4 months. The 'maint reqd' light came on so we're changing the oil for the first time since we got it . In the maintenance guide it says "Reset the oil replacement reminder light after replacing engine oil".
    Can anyone tell me how to do this?
  • 1. Begin with power off.
    2. Press the "Power" Button while pressing down the brake petal, (Prius goes to "Ready" mode.
    3. Press the "ODO/Trip" button and select "ODO"on the display.
    4. Press the "POWER" button to turn the car off.
    5. Press and Hold the brake petal with your foot.
    6. Press and hold the "ODO/TRIP" button. Press the "POWER" button., (Prius goes to "Ready" mode.
    7. Continue to hold the "ODO/TRIP" button, with in a few seconds the "ODO" display on the dash will flash "------" and then for 1 second the display will read "000000" then,the Maintenance Reminder Light will go out and the "ODO" now displays your correct odometer mileage.
    8. Release the "ODO/TRIP" button.
    9. The Maintenance Light is now Reset (off).
  • mga1600mga1600 Posts: 2
    i just cleaned my new prius touchscreen with a clean dry tissue. would this likely have damaged it. what should i use in the future.
  • cheepercheeper Posts: 5
    Use microfiber cloth, paper tissue may be too harsh.
  • mga1600mga1600 Posts: 2
    would you think that using a dry tissue once might actually damage the screen.
  • I would treat the Prius touch screen like my computer screen, keyboard, or camera lens. For those applications, I use isopropyl alcohol on a clean cotton sack cloth. I would not apply any petroleum-based solvent. My nephew once sprayed insecticide on moths flying around my plastic-encased Coleman lantern and pocked the plastic. :blush:

    On the topic of the Touch Screen, I must add that I am absolutely thrilled with the Prius unified controls. The Prius offers one-touch selection of optimal heating and defrosting. In the Gillig transit bus that I drive ten hours a day, I have eight toggle switches and other heating controls on both sides of the steering wheel and overhead on my left side that are supposed to provide climate control. :lemon: The side window defrost system is so poorly designed that cold air, wet with rider perspiration, circulates over the windows to build thick frost that blocks visibility of the rear-view mirrors on both sides of the bus, creating unsafe operating conditions. :sick: I wish that Toyota would sell hybrid transit vehicles because I know that Toyota would never produce such a poorly-designed bus. :D
  • rolinrolin Posts: 13

    I live in New York, specifically Long Island. Purchased my vehicle in april '08. I have heard horror stories about how this car does not perform well in the snow. I can't imagine that Toyota left this part for us to struggle with, after designing such a smart car, Can anyone shed some light as to the validity of the Prius proven reputation of this car in the average snow of the Island. What is the concensus out there. This is a very important thread, and winter not so far away, we could all use some guidance, Please, share some serious stories,snow related good or bad....

    Thank you

    Rolin, the Prius Gal from Long Island.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    My son and his wife bought a 2006 Prius 2 years ago. They live in Queens, NYC, so they've gone through 2 winters. They haven't complained one bit about the car in snow, but on the other hand, they've only accumulated a total of about 7,000 miles as of a month ago!
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Keep in mind that the Prius, like most sedans in today's market is equipped with "all season" tires. These tires are anything but. Just like anything that is "jack of all trades", they're master of none. They do OK with dry roads and somewhat wet roads, but are not designed for snow-covered roads. This coming from living in Buffalo/Niagara Falls with our repuation on snow-covered roads. From personal experience, it may very well be worth it in the long run if you plan on keeping this vehicle for a while to invest in a set of snow tires. You'll get double the lifespan on your summer tires, good handling in the summer, double the lifespan on the winter tires and good handling in the winter.

    Again, from living in a snow-belt, a good set of snow-specific tires can and does make MUCH more of a significant difference in winter handling than ANY other change you can make. AWD, 4wd, Traction control, etc. nothing makes as much of a difference in winter driving as getting good snow tires.

    Hope this helps.

  • (not certain if this is the correct forum). Poor Cheryl received a ticket for driving with the right tail lamp inoperative, but several hours later the light was functioning normally without any repair work.

    The ticket will be dismissed when I produce a statement certifying the light is in working order, but I am concerned about this being a recurring problem as it has happened before.

    Does this sound like an short in the electrical system,or a loose connection, and if so would it be covered under the extended warranty?
  • '05 21K miles, service department recommended a "hybrid fluid flushing" (at 30K miles) for about $135.95, and a rear brake adj/cleaning for about $65. Thoughts?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    Ask the dealer to show you where these things are required in the Owners manual. If they aren't there, they aren't needed.
  • What is this? When I need to get a replacement battery, does it have to have this wire connection?
  • I was asst. svc mgr for a Toyota dealer in the late 70's and early 80's. Toyota had a problem with the 18rc engine, the corona /celica motor and they blamed it on the oil filters., Aftermarket oil filters they blamed for al the problemsz but ones with Toyota parts failed too. It went to the FTC and ended up in courts. The ruling was if the filter stated meets or exceeds mfg specs it is ok and is not a reason to invalidtae a warranty so Toyota had to pay for all those engines.
    Use the best grade oil and foillow the API rating in the ownerts manual. All oils have a rating from the American Petrolium Institue and as long as the oil is at or above the latest or listed in manual rating you are good. The filter must say mets or exceeds mfg. specs. I usually use a Fram filter in all my cars and have had good luck for over 30 years. I was told by Hyundai that I should use their filter as the other brands may give me a slight lifter tap on start up but have over 20,000 on an Elantra and never had the lifter noise [I know lifter knocks very well working for a dealer for 10 years]. The meets or exceeds means it meets or exdfceeds all parameters such as bypass valve etc.
    I am waiting for my Prius and when I get it I will do the oil changes with Mobil 1 or any good synthetic. Since they recdommend a 5000 mile for oil change I will do less of them and can afford better oil. Using synthetic sends a message and consedrves more of the petrolium ground based oil as these are made by man
  • As to the Prius and winter snow conditions ...Consider that the Prius is just a shade over 3,000lbs. That's a light-weight these days. Knowing this the driver must drive accordingly. I presently have 88K miles on an '04 Prius and have come to know its' quirks and limitations. By the way, I live in NW Indiana where snow is a very real issue. About those quirks ect. The drivetrain (front wheels) do slip from time to time on hard accelleration (wet and/or snow & ice) After a few slips you adjust your take off, otherwise the car does well in snow.
    As to maintenance: I change oil...air & oil filters...wipers....spark plugs ...and tire rotation. I take it to local tire place for the "much needed" wheel alignment and balance. I'm on my 2nd set of tires and was told by a trusted mechanic @ Toyota to be sure and get wheel alignment by 40 K (possibly sooner if there are telltale sign of wheel vibration, pulling or wheel wobble.
    Last thing....If you ever have to replace a hd light bulb, leave it to the dealer. It's a son-of -a-gun. My dealer just charged 10 bucks and it was worth it. ;)
  • I have a 2007 Prius. Can someone tell me how to change the engine air filter? I know how to change the cabin air filter, but I can't find anything about the engine. I've already purchased the engine air filter, as well. Thanks!
  • While we are on routine maintenance, I was changing the oil and looking for grease points. I am guessing that unlike the trucks on which I have worked that everything is sealed. Please provide suggestions on suspension lubrication for the Prius. After how many miles does a Prius need to go to the shop for thorough maintenance beyond filter and oil changes? :sick:
  • This is where you will find some very helpful information and illustrations for the tasks you wish to perform:
  • I bought my 2005 Prius used at 31,000 miles 2 years ago. It now has 52,000 on it and I have only changed the oil every 5,000. Is there something else I should be doing? The owners manual just says to inspect this or that at designated miles.
  • I heard the brakes in a Prius last almost forever but I would check them along with any rubber boots covering C.V. joints and also the exhaust system. Probably a few more items but I can't think of them at the moment !!
  • fseaverfseaver Posts: 13
    The owners manual for 2008 Prius makes it real simple with its diagrams to make simple repairs.
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