No SEL reviews???

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I just leased a 2015 Edge SEL (first American car!), and while I read a few reviews, I was struck by the lack of SEL reviews...almost all were either Titanium or Sport.

Considering that the SEL is the most popular model by far (at least according to the dealers I spoke with), shouldn't they be reviewing the most popular models that people will actually buy, not the top of the line, loaded versions?

One reason I bought the Ford was to save money over my previous car (Audi Q5) lease payments went from about $580 to $390. The Sport/Titanium editions would have jacked my payments well over $400, which was something I was trying to avoid.


  • mrbizness1mrbizness1 Member Posts: 93
    Funny, I just leased a 2016 Edge, my first lease. I got the SEL with the Tech, and Leather package. $394.00 monthly. Most of the Edge models at the dealers were SEL's or SE's. After driving the 6 cyl I opted for the 4.
    Good Luck
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