Purchase price for Chevy 2500 HD utility truck

matador4matador4 Member Posts: 2
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Any one can tell me or give me and idea how much will be a fair price for a utility truck 2105 please


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    Trucks are hard for me to figure out. Too many cab, engine and bed options. I priced out a 2500HD work truck, regular cab for a random zip code and got:

    Invoice $32,196, MSRP of $34,175 and TMV of $28,546 (after a $3,500 incentive).

    You can use my link to Build & Price the one you want and dial it in a bit better.

    Since TMV is an average, you goal would be to beat the average some. In my example you'd try for, say, $27,500 initially and go up to TMV.

    Hope this helps a bit!
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