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Hybrid newbie needs help

boienn1boienn1 Member Posts: 2
edited February 2016 in Honda
Hello everyone im in here ebecause im a Hybrid newbie. I would like to purchase a used Honda years 2003-2005 maybe? Is what i have in mind. So im here on this forum with a few general question that im hoping can guid me in the right direction.

Here they are:

What years should I look out for?
Are some years better than others? ( reliability, safety, mpg)

Battery replacement. How much mileage does each battery usually last?
Do I need to get an entire battery replacement or can i have individual battery cells replaced?
How much are the batterys?

Car recalls, What year had alot of recalls?

Im a little scared abou thte 'sticky' gas pedals, which ones ar ethe ones that get stuck?

Thanks in advance/
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