Dealership service dept not responding, emissions "not ready" STILL

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So I wrote a negative review for my Honda dealership on account of my Honda civic hybrid 2006 not receiving all the services indicated on my receipt dated 8/15/2015. The one I'm concerned about is where I asked them to set all the emissions testing monitors and when I picked up the car the printout showed they had - yet the smog check testing center showed they were not. My registration is paid but I have had expired tags since August 15th and won't get new tags until my car can be tested and passes. I've driven 2000 miles more than I would normally trying to set the monitors with the drive cycle over and over, because multiple service techs told me to "keep driving it". I have, and it's not working. I've brought the car in another two times - once to check why the gas cap light came on, they cleared it and sent me on my way; the second time was February 1st 2016 because the same light came on - this time I paid almost 400 dollars when it should have been covered under the emissions system warranty (California, only 46K miles on the car) to have them figure out what the problem was and when it turned out to be something out of place and didn't have to replace a part, they told me it wasn't covered. I complained under the dealership section on Edmunds, when I attempted to contact the individual who responded to that complaint, I'm still waiting to hear back over a week later. Every time I drive my car I'm taking the risk of being pulled over, all because Norm Reeves Honda in Cerritos, California failed to perform the service they stated they would and stated they had - they can check that for themselves and see that it was not. I don't know whether I should complain to American Honda Corporation or what, but I'm extremely unhappy and looking at what my options are. I've been a Honda owner and driver since my first car - 1990 Honda Civic Lx bought in 1995 from a relative, a 2000 Honda Civic Coupe Ex, and now this 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid - I've always taken my Hondas to Norm Reeves and the original owner of the 1990 took it there since it was new. I cannot believe this is how they treat loyal customers.
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