2013 Sport CVT dealer program update..

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I've had my Accord Sport for 2 weeks. It has 31,000 miles. I noticed the jeering as described by others during acceleration and gentle slowing to zero. The dealer said they had a software update.. they performed the update and my accord drove like a different car for about 2 days. It's back.. it worries me so much I purchased an extended warranty. Is anything going to be done about this? Is there anyone or group taking action I can join? Does anyone have high milage yet on there 13 Accord?


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    Very few complaints right now on this issue compared to the number of units made. I'm thinking Honda won't due anything yet unless problem grows in numbers. Unfortunate for you your model has this problem. Keep on Honda maybe they can correct .Check out your states lemon laws. Ask dealer if they will let you swap out vehicle with another. ( probably unlikely but worth a shot. ) Speak with the GM of that dealership.

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    2013 Accord LX with 108K miles here. So far, no problems except the jerking when accelerating and slowing to a stop. I have a 2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium that also has a CVT, but it is much smoother than the Accord's.
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