No Crank problem

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Here is my problem. drove it night before everything honky dory. next day jump in no crank.
things I have done and tested.
tested battery aok full charge no bad cells cables and connectors just fine and clean
grounds good
checked relay and replaced with others relays are good
checked signal for neutral safety switch signals are good switch working proplerly
check voltage at main starter wire 12.5v
check voltage on starter solenoid wire 12.4 volts ( with help of wife turning key to start)
Removed starter replaced with new starter same problem old starter bench tested 5 times all good reinstalled old starter
isolated starter (solenoid wire removed) used jumper wire from main 12v on starter to solenoid same problem
looked for all loose ( as possible for loose connectors)

so here is the problem u turn the key to start her start solenoid click but no crank
us jumper wire ( isolated starter) to bypass all relays no crank (solenoid does crank)
Yes I have turned motor by hand to check if its seized its not.

There is a gremlin some where...worked the night before but not now even if I manually isolate the starter and on the motor and it will not crank..take starter out use jumper box and a different battery and bench test and starter works fine
spent 2 days changing this that checking and testing that and this any suggestions...
2000 Honda passport 3.2 v6 and yes it does have anti theft
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