I have a 2016 Santa Fe Sport. What if anything can I do to make it tow 5,000 lbs?

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I had a camper dry weight is4,700 lbs what can I do to my Santa Fe sport so it can pull that much weight 

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    Simply put - You shouldn't - Longer answer is, You probably shouldn't attempt it, for many reasons. The engines inability to produce sufficient torque to safely move that amount of weight - it isn’t designed to do so. The Brakes aren’t designed to STOP that amount of weight. The engine cooling system would be overwhelmed by excess heat from the weight. The transmission would soon go to lunch, without you. The tires aren’t rated for the weight. The steering could be adversely affected by the weight, cornering and lane changing could be an enlightening experience.
    And that’s only considering the net weight of 4700 lbs. that you indicate- the addition of accessories, supplies, water, people, luggage, the cat, the dog(s) would up that amount considerably. All of this would make for an interesting journey, especially going down a high, long, mountain road. Just make a note where the truck runaway ramps are on each trip….
    Maximum towing capacity for Santa Fe Sport is 3,500 lbs. - https://www.hyundaiusa.com/myhyundai/manuals-and-how-tos/getfaq?faqid=16&category=vehicle_releases
    Weights (pounds) Sport
    2.4L GDI Sport
    2.0T Santa Fe
    SE Santa Fe
    Curb weight FWD/AWD (lbs) 3,459 / 3,616 3,569 / 3,706 3,933 / 4,085 3,904 / 4,057
    GVWR FWD/AWD (lbs) 4,850 / 5,071 4,960 / 5,181 5,512 / 5,622 5,512 / 5,622
    Maximum trailer tongue
    weight (lbs) TBA TBA TBA TBA
    Maximum trailer weight (lbs)
    with trailer brakes
    without trailer brakes 2,000
    1,650 3,500
    1,650 5,000
    Trailer Prep package — This package includes the following enhancements:
    — Larger radiator core
    — More powerful fan motors
    — A transmission fluid cooler Pre-wiring only S S S
    2016 Santa Fe offers impressive towing capabilities. All Santa Fe's are equipped wiring to make it easier to tow trailers (see diagrams below). In addition to the wiring enhancement, Santa Fe Sport 2.0T model is also equipped with the Trailer Prep Package. This package enables Sport 2.0T to tow up to 3,500 pounds and Santa Fe GLS/Limited up to 5,000 lbs.
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