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AC - Heat - Problems

meljorobmeljorob Posts: 1
edited March 2016 in Buick
I have a 2010 Enclave since I have bought it, I have had the heater fixed it stopped blowing hot. The AC stopped working just would blow hot air. The vents stopped working and would not blow any air out the front only at your feet or defrost. Now the AC stopped working again and I have a leak and have to replace a hose. I bought this car in April of 2015 its not a year old. Has anybody else experienced this kind of problems? We went with the Enclave over other brands because of what Buick stands for and how much we heard there cars hold up and never have any problems and once they go to a Buick they never go back. But am almost at a $1000.00 just on the air conditioning on a car I have not owned for a year. Would love to hear if anybody else has experienced this.


  • lrmet2lrmet2 Posts: 12
    2011 Enclave and had problems before 50K miles on it with coolant system (complete break with all fluid loss), lift gate, ac power outlet in middle (still not repaired. Dealer put an hour into it and asked me if I wanted them to continue), drivers seat mechanism replaced right at 50K miles and got some help from GM (seat now broken again), now air conditioner is making all kinds of sounds and not cooling. - Hoping - it's only a hose. I'm not a good reference for GM/buick. We are close to 100K miles and hoping it holds together another year. We paid Acura MDX amount of money for this in 2011 and I believe we should have gotten the MDX. The enclave has a nice ride, I don't know what else I'd say positive about it. I came on here to see what other people are seeing on their air conditioning units.
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