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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lilylily Posts: 10
    lev, thank you so much for your patient detailed explanations for the DSTC, we decide to go with it.
    now I got frustrated because it is almost impossible to find a right car with everything we want (DSTC,GPS,Xonen headlamp) without sport suspension in a right price in our local dealers' lot. we would love to go with OSD but can't find a trusted people for house sitting our puppy. she is one and a half years old, very attached to us. now I am thinking to go with a base car then sell it maybe a couple of years.Also tired for checking out every dealer's inventory, negotiating with those lame actors(dealers). what a pain! have thought it would be a cheerful experience to getting a new car:(
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    carbert,I am so surprised to know there is a special offer on premium package for $495, where can I find it and print it out? when will this offer expire? Does this offer apply only on OSD or on both dealer's deal and OSD? will save me $1500. An answer with your earliest convenience would be highly appreciated.
  • Lily,

    The premium package offer is available only through OSD. You can find more information at s/PremiumPackageOffer.htm

    (You'll need to fix that URL - grab the whole thing, and remove the hyphen.)

    Call OSD if you need more info.
  • How is your bargaining going? I'm getting ready to shop for the 2.4i with premium pkg and automatic in the Virginia area... Thanks for sharing your information so far...

    Anyone shopped this vehicle in Virginia?
  • Lily,
    Also, to sweeten the pie, take advantage of the winter travel offer - you and your husband can have the great vacation in Barcelona or London for just $495, which is less than the destination fee here.
    I do not know Barcelona, though my older daughter, who is studying in Spain this semester, says it is beautiful; but I have stayed in Jury's Kensington hotel in London - great hotel in a great part of the most wonderful capital of the world.

    Find a paid pet-sitting service and enjoy your new purchase.

    Paste both lines into the addres line of the browser
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    Thank you carbert. I went to a dealer yesterday, was told $495 for premium only apply on inventory cars. I have thought there might be thousands of inventory cars in Sweden, so when dealer showed me two pieces of papers with 7 S40s on it, I was shocked , sitting there with wild open eyes, kept asking "are those all the cars in Sweden?" he double checked, told me those are all sweden have! there is no T5 with premium package in the list, so made $495 premium package promise a bad check. is sweden joking us? BUT, the dealer told us he CAN do sth for us even if we custom-build our car, he wrote down a number with full premium package price and a number with $495 on premium , asked us if he can make the car price match the price with $495 premium , would we order right away? we couldn't. He left and came back, with a number in between.He said he could do this because he would share his premium with us.
    Is there anything fishing? still hardly believe there are only 7 pre-built cars in sweden.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    still hardly believe there are only 7 pre-built cars in sweden.

    Those are US specs cars sitting in Sweden available for Euro Delivery only. It's not all the S40's in Europe.
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    lev, thank you so much for the inf. I have had aimed on winter trip also, but my husband wants to go to Italy. So except negociating with dealers, I need negociate with my hubby for travel plan. too much bargaining for me. I guess we would go Italy if we go OSD.Thank you for the advice, If a paid pet-sitting works on our puppy, Last summer my husband would not have to stay home with her when I went to asia. even though , she lost 10 pounds and changed behavior. Have to find somebody she likes for sitting.
    anybody know how long will it take us driving from sweden to Italy?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    anybody know how long will it take us driving from sweden to Italy?

    Check out - Europe's version of Mapquest.
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    Let's keep the discussion centered on prices paid and buying experiences.

    Thank you.
  • Please call OSD and talk to them, rather than talking with the dealer. OSD knows what they can and can't do, while the dealer may not. Also, the dealer has a vested interest in selling you a car off of their lot - they only get a flat fee off of OSD.
  • I have an opportunity to utilize the Ford Partner Rewards program. As I read through the website, it appears I can get a price of 2% above what a Ford employee would receive.

    How good a deal is this, or am I doing myself a disservice by not trying to negotiate a better price.

  • hello hello everbody,

    I was wondering how much I should pay for
    2005 s402.4i manual
    with climate pack. They are asking 22595.00

    is it a good price?

    on the other hand, they have
    pre-owned 2004 s402.4i auto
    prem package with 19 K miles and asking price is

    any comment?

    Have a great day

  • I have seen threads mentioning manufacturer to dealer incentives available in US. Does anyone know whether similar incentives is available in Ontario, Canada. If so any idea what the amount is currently? Thanx for the help.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    If you go to and click on "new cars" and then click on "Incentives & Rebates", you can put in zip code (is there a canadian equivalent) to get those that apply in your area.
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    I am taking the email approach. I am playing 4 dealerships off of each other. So far, I'm down to an offer of $24,000 on the '05 automatic metallic 2.4i with Premium Pack. Two other dealerships said "no problem" beating that price! Now I wonder if I should ask for additional packages thrown in to sweeten the incentive to buy from them. It's only been been two days of email "bargaining". Guess it can't hurt? I see some people are getting multiple packages with their quoted amount. Should I shoot for a lower price since it only has the Premium pack? Has anyone gotten comperable offers? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • (This is what I wrote the dealership, Volvo and the dealer's holding company (edited to remove names per this forum's rules). Their meager response follows.)

    I am writing to let you know about my experience purchasing a used 2003 Volvo C70 from Herb Gordon Volvo.

    I was introduced to the dealership through a purchase attempt through e-Bay on which I lost out to a higher bidder. However, I was visiting the Silver Spring (MD) area over Thanksgiving, so I stopped by to talk to the Sales Manager who introduced me to a salesperson who would be my primary contact. The salesperson showed me the 2003 model that was on the lot, but at the time I had my heart set on a used 2004 and was willing to wait.

    Over the next several weeks I received a couple of calls from the salesperson trying to interest me in the 2003 model, and she quoted me a price that I thought was a little high. I counter-offered, but my offer wasn't accepted. I was prepared to wait for what I wanted.

    On December 28, she called to tell me that they would accept my offer of $29,995 plus a $99 "Dealer Processing Fee", plus a shipping charge of $500, for a total of $30,594. She faxed me a form identifying the car, I gave her my credit card number for a $2,500 deposit, and FedEx'd a check that afternoon for the remaining $28,094. The following day, I learned that the figure quoted did not include sales tax, so that day (12/29) I FedEx'd a check for $2,290.58.

    Over the course of the day or two, forms were sent back and forth via overnight mail and the transaction was consummated. On Wednesday, December 30 I was told that the car might be picked up by the trucking company as early as Friday and could, therefore, be here by approx. Wednesday, January 5.

    Over the next several days, I called repeatedly to ask if it had been picked up and was told that the trucking company hadn't yet arrived. Finally, on Friday, January 7 (a full week later) it was picked up, and I was told I could expect it by the following Wednesday. Naturally, I was a little annoyed by the delay, but I remained calm and accepted the inconvenience. When the car didn't arrive by Friday, I called (again, I had to make the calls) and, rather than Herb Gordon personnel following up on my car, I was given the name and phone number of the trucking company with a suggestion that I call.

    I called the trucking company and, after a few attempts, spoke to the owner. He accepted responsibility for the delay in picking the car up due to some scheduling issues for which I, again, remained calm. However, he went on to state that his driver stopped in East Tennessee where he lives and tried to describe some confusion about having another of his drivers pick it up there as he came in from North Carolina. I was clearly confused and tried to convey my interest in getting my car delivered promptly.

    As I learned later, this driver pulled into a dealership in Alcoa, TN and simply handed off the keys and said he was instructed to leave the car there for later pickup. An employee at that dealership told my wife that he didn't know anything about a drop-off and, when he consequently refused to sign any paperwork accepting the car, the trucker simply handed him the keys anyway. At this point, NO ONE was responsible for my car.

    On January 19th – 3 weeks later – still unproductively trying to get some help from Herb Gordon personnel, I received a call from a trucker who, passing through Alcoa on his way to Nashville with a truckload of cars, noticed a bulletin that a car needed to be dropped in Nashville, and he agreed to pick it up and deliver it. Finally, on January 20th, I received my car.

    During these 3 weeks, no progress was made in getting my car delivered unless I got on the phone and asked for a status update or for someone to take some action. The ONLY calls I received from Herb Gordon personnel, with the exception of one call from (an assistant sales manager) in response to my call, were from (my salesperson) telling me how sorry she was. Her helpless calls of sympathy were not in the least reassuring, nor did they accomplish anything toward getting me my car. They simply added to my frustration.

    Now that my car has been delivered, I've been attempting to speak with (the General Manager)about some compensation for the $500 delivery charge for which I received totally unacceptable service. (The General Manager's) only response was that a) he didn't make anything on the car and b) he'll talk to the trucking company about giving me back a portion of my fee. He promised to get back to me. That was nearly two weeks ago. I have called him repeatedly in the interim, but he never seems to be there and certainly has not returned any of the voicemail messages I left for him.

    I reminded him that I didn't hire the trucking company – he did. I paid Herb Gordon Volvo to have my car delivered. And whether (the General Manager) made anything on the sale of the car or not is totally irrelevant – if he didn't want to sell it at that price, he shouldn't have. Throughout this entire episode, despite my extreme displeasure with the lack of responsiveness on the part of Herb Gordon personnel, I have remained calm and tried not to overreact.

    At this point, I have no choice but to take some action. I can see no recourse for recovery of my delivery fee but to dispute $500 of the $2,500 deposit I put down on my credit card. Given the amount of unilateral effort I have had to put into this transaction, and Herb Gordon Volvo's total lack of effort, professionalism, and concern, nothing less than a full refund of the delivery charge will be satisfactory.

    This C70 was to be my "fun" car and, as I said when I was at the dealership, it was my intention to buy another car to replace my 1999 S-80 T6 so that I would still have a 5-seater in which I could carry my family. (My original contact person's) cooperative attitude at the time prompted me to think (and suggest) that I would buy that car through Herb Gordon Volvo as well. Obviously, that isn't going to happen now. This has been the most egregious display of incompetence in my recent memory.

    It is now 5:00 pm on Wednesday, February 9. By this time tomorrow, I will have contacted VISA to dispute my deposit unless I have reached some satisfactory resolution before then.

    (The reply follows)
    mr. broder, the trucking company has refused to refund any of the shipping charge.i am sorry about the delay , however there will be no refund for the shipping. we stand behind our vehicles 100 percent, but i cant pay for situations beyond my control. you got a great car at a great value.if there is anything you need regarding the vehicle ,we will be here for you.


    Sorry for the length of the post. I suggest you avoid this dealership.
  • guy that thing happens, but you put your trust in a company that did't do a check on the company. i have had the same thing happen to me as a sales person(made me look like a jerk but no one controls every thing) we fired the company and did a back ground check on the new company . as for as your money you paid it in good faith and thats what you got. did you get the car and how was the shape of it. also you sound as if you have multiple cars so whats the sweat about.
  • Lainey, My best price so far on a 2.4i automatic, premium pkg and climate pkg is $25,045. That's with a $1500 rebate to dealer that ends 2/28/05. That is from a N.Va dealership. Where are you shopping?
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    Thanks for responding Leslietva3. I'm in North Texas area. Guess I don't really need that climate pack. Heated seats would be nice for our freaky winter weather though. Yeah, that $24,000 included the dealer incentive too. What's great about the email pre-negotiation is that it takes away some of the the extra bullpucky the male salesmen tend to shower on women shoppers. I'm going to do a face to face today (28th, dealer D-Day) to see if they'll sweeten the price because of my trade. I am seriously considering an Acura Certified '04 TSX as an alternative ($23,988 pre-haggle price). The two dealerships are maybe a half mile from each other. Should be interesting. I'm pretty sure I can get him to drop it to $23,500 or so. Hoping the cold soggy weather and slow sales will work to my advantage. If not I'll just walk and hang on to my trusty '02 Corolla LE. Best of luck on your hunt.
  • Good Luck to you too! Sounds like you'll do just fine. You've done good research and email negotiating. I think you'll be very happy with either car. Let us know how it all turns out!
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    Well, I went to Volvo last night, 2/28, about 45 minutes before they closed. I knew about the $1500 factory to dealer. It's not like it was a secret. When my boyfriend asked the sales guy about an offers/incentive etc... Sales guy laughed then lied and said nothing available and said no end of month dealing. He frankly acted like he was more interested in going home and scratching. Car dealer living down down the street from my boyfriend said they were doing major deals for customers at his dealership because it was last day of month (different brand). Sales guy really disappointed me. The guy brought out a bare bones black automatic 2.4i. No options whatsoever! NOTHING! You would think he would have showed me something nicer! Test drove it and was unsure about the air pressure acceleration on the S40's but could maybe get used to it. Might have bought it anyway or tried the S60 if the dealer seemed even remotely interested in selling. Gave me a B.S. line about my trade too. Claimed they call 4 dealerships that sell my car to get estimate on value because want to give me the "best price". Who believes that!!! Too bad for Volvo. Lost a potential customer. Will be buying the '05 Acura TSX. Same price range and a much nicer car.
  • Thank you for the update, Lainey. I share your disappointment. The Volvo dealers in the VA area were very upfront about the $1500 dealer incentive. That's too bad that Volvo missed out on your sale. I'm sure you will enjoy your TSX. And because of your advice, I'm going to go check it out! Leslie
  • calhoncalhon Posts: 87
    Lainey, looks like you had a bad salesperson - downright lies are inexcusable - but I would offer some advice. First, do not go to purchase a car 45 minutes before closing time, especially if you need to do test drives. You should set aside hours for the process.

    I would describe my Volvo sales experience as very leisurely - no pressure on the part of the salesman. He certainly didn't expect or try to sell me a car in 45 minutes. Judging from the reports of other buyers, this is not unusual for Volvo dealers.

    Keep in mind that car buying is about negotiation. Make it clear from the start that you have done your homework and are a knowledgeable buyer. Let the salesperson know that you are fully aware of the incentives and the value of your trade-in. This prevents most of the B.S.

    Be explicit about the models and options that interest you. I would have told the salesman up front to bring out a car with the options I wanted for the test drive. It's not clear to me that you said anything even after the guy brought out the basic S40.

    By the way, was "air pressure acceleration" a reference to turbos? If so, please note that the model you tested, the 2.4i, does not have a turbo.

    Best of luck with the TSX.
  • A couple of words on the same subject - I never negotiate with the salesperson. Their job is to arrange for the test drive and receive your offer. If offer is accepted (and honestly this means I did not do my homework good enough or a salesperson is related to Mother Teresa)- than it's fine, if not - you need to request a further negotiation with the sales manager.

    Negotiating with the salesperson is a total waist of you mental energy. They are neither authorized to accept the bottom line offers nor have any incentives to go bellow the point of maximizing their commissions.
    Sales managers have somewhat broader goals in mind.

    Do not even mention your trade, until you lock an acceptable price for a new car. By mentioning your trade up-front you open a door for the "double-trading", which is at least twice as difficult. Remember, nobody wants to sell your old car, unless it is some rare collectible. In most cases you will be better off by
    a. driving your old car till it dies on you
    b. giving it away to your kids or needy relatives
    c. selling it privately

    To be asked directly, I answer politely that I have not decided yet whether I am trading my car or not. It is not late to get back to the trade-in issue at the end. You are not going to get any different price for it doing it afterwards.

    Rather than that - calhon is right on money.
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    Thanks so much for the good advice. I had already tested the 2.4i. It had just been several weeks and I just wanted to "refresh" my memory. I walked in with the intention to buy. When I pulled up to the dealership, all of the sales people sat in the building for a while. It took some time before anyone even made the effort to stand up.As a matter of fact, one guy was leaning back with his head on the wall asleep. Someone eventually strolled out. I had heard about the T5 turbo lag and wanted the 2.4i and that's what he said he brought out. I did not check the back to verify the guy brought me the right trim level. This car was way too no frills to be the T5 though. I commented about the acceleration delay and lack of "pressure" in the gas pedal. He told me it was due to an "air acceleration" system and did not have the regular cable throttle that most other cars do. He said I'm pushing air when the pedal is depressed. Afterwards he said that if I wanted more power on acceleration to try the T5. My thoughts on the 45 minutes before close are, that's why they're there. That's how they make their living. If they have no intention of making an effort to sell just because it's the end of the day, maybe they should rethink their hours of operation. I must mention that this is a poorly located smallish dealership with slow moving inventory in a rather crummy, but busy, part of town on a major highway. However, they have three local competitors. By highway one 10 minutes away, one is 25 minutes away and the furthest is maybe 35 minutes away. I expected them to show a bit of interest. Think I just got a bad dealership. I may still try the S60 at a competitor. Maybe it has a better drive feel.
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    Thank you for the tips. I sure could have used that advice 3 years ago. Since I am a very young looking woman, I figured I would get less run-a-round via email. I have been trading messages with the 4 local dealerships for a month and a half now. I got an offer of $24k for the auto 2.4i premium pack. I also have an email from another dealership saying the would beat that deal and, I believe, throw in a convenience pack. These offers were from the internet sales managers. Are they really authorized to make these offers or is this just a fluff title meant to feign authority and get me in? I avoided the subject of a trade with all of the dealers. I knew they would try to double talk and give me a bad deal. I was toying with the idea of a private sale anyway. Seems like every other car on the road is the same as mine. It's very popular with the techies around here.
  • calhoncalhon Posts: 87
    You're welcome, Lainey. Yes, it looks like got a bad dealership. Let's hope the next one will be much better. Good luck.
  • lainey,
    What I would do next in your situation is the following:
    - I will e-mail to both dealers with an offer to buy an auto 2.4i Premium+Convenience, specifying a color and other standard options (so there would not be any confusions on what do you want exactly) for $23,495.00 and see what they say.
    - If they accept - ask for the exact VIN and arrange for a pick-up appointment with a specific person for a specific time.
    - if they will come up with the acceptable counter-offer (let say less than $24,000.00 with all the options), do the same. Always be very specific - do not leave any room for a "confusion".

    If the counter offer will not satisfy you, I can suggest two more options:

    1. Go overseas - plan you next vacation to pick your car up in Europe - you can get auto 2.4i with the Select package for $24,935. I know, it is about a grand more than it will be here, but you will spare yourself from the hassles, get 2 round trip tickets to Europe for free, and have a best time of your life with your significant other.

    2. Go and get Acura.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    "I had already tested the 2.4i."

    Why would you not then contact the salesperson who had arranged that test drive? Rather than wandering the lot and waiting to see who came out to sell you a car.

    "Sales guy laughed then lied and said nothing available and said no end of month dealing."

    I would probably just leave at that point.

    I guess I have a different attitude, I would go to buy a car not to be sold one. Seems kind of silly to base your choice of car on the salesman.

    I think you have gotten some good advice... Basically let them know that you have done your research and contact dealers by email rather than just showing up on the lot. But if you want to test drive different models or S40s with different engines and/or options first you should indicate that in your email and maybe contact them again via email when you have decided what you want to buy.
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