VW Beetle won't shift from third.

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Have an 01 vw beetle stuck in third unless I manually downshift it but still wont shift into overdrive


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    What codes are setting in the PCM and TCM ? (Powertrain, and Transmission control modules)
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    I have a 2005 Volkswagen Beetle, recently bought for a first car. About 150k miles, automatic. The woman we bought it from said they had just changed the transmission fluid. It's been about 2 months since we've had it. We were driving it often, not all the time but mostly to school and back. It NORMALLY shifted kind of hard, my dad & his wife just assumed it was because the fluid had been changed recently. Didn't pay much mind to it, but what really got our attention is a couple weeks ago we were on our way home from school, and it shifted gears WAY harder than normal. It would jerk into 2nd and rev up trying to change into 3rd, and when it did it jerked so hard we probably got whiplash from it. We live in town, not too far from school so the speed limit is usually 40-55 (depending). We didn't drive it for a while after that. We assumed we needed more transmission fluid put into it, so we go to autozone. A worker comes out to check it for us, and there's not a dip stick (we already knew). The man said you have to take it back to the dealership and there's not a way to check it, and you can't add more to it. (We had watched a video on YouTube previously that said you have to go underneath the car and undo something and then take the battery & battery tray out then add the fluid). So that's our situation, but let me describe a bit more that's going on. It will try to change gears, but it's like it's stuck in a gear and isn't going anywhere. We drove it a couple of days ago and almost got ran off the road because I was pressing on the gas and it was just revving up and wouldn't go anywhere the speed started decreasing like it was stuck in neutral. We finally got home and the last time we drove it would be today to auto zone. Another thing I don't understand is sometimes it will lock, and others it won't. It usually flashes lights and beeps when it's locking but sometimes it will just flash the lights and not beep, it's not locking. And sometimes it won't unlock and you have to manually do it with the key. One day we were driving it and instead of the [D] being in brackets when in Drive, it was all of them in brackets lit up. No lights come on other than the seat belt one when someone isn't buckled up. When it goes into reverse, sometimes it will jerk backwards. It has only done this twice, (we haven't drove it much now because we are afraid something will happen) which would be the only 2 we have drove it recently. This is my first car & I recently got a job and now have nothing to drive so my mom is having to take me. Could someone help or give suggestions on what might be wrong with it? ASAP, please, the sooner the better. We really need it fixed because I am going to need it and it's not doing any good just sitting with us paying for the insurance and not even being able to drive it. 
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    Vw act like Robin Hood only Volkswagen steals from the poor and give to the rich my transmission my convertible top lights are on on the dashboard interior falling apart Volkswagen where is your integrity people car I don't think so
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