Car starting problem when parked outside and fine in garage?

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Got a 2004, Mazda 6i, 2.4LT, Manual, 140K miles

Car has been acting weird from past one week or 10 days.

Outside temperature is around 25- 40 Fahrenheit.

I park my car in my home garage. It started fine in garage in morning, drove to work and parked
in open parking lot for about 8 hours. Evening it did not start in the first try, it started at 4th time.

I thought it might be weather and battery.

Next day morning it started fine in garage at 2nd start. Same problem in evening it would start
at 4-5th time. Then I looked at my car battery and it was installed 2 years ago 3/2014.

I went to Walmart where my car battery was installed and they tested and said it is fine and
has no problem with car battery. Just to make sure I took to nearby autozone they said that
car battery is fine.

Over the weekend I left my car in our garage and was starting it every day morning to make
sure if its working fine. It started fine and left it ON for about 45 minutes, everything is fine.

Today Sunday evening the weather outside was good around 55F. Went to some store
for grocery shopping and returning back it started at 4th time.

When ignition key is turned ON, all the lights on dash board,radio,lights are fine and when I
turn on the car it does not give any sound ( no cranking or anything) it was completely dead.
Took the key out and waited for 5 minutes and tried again, with little cranking sound it started
at 3rd try.

Took car to autozone for free testing and they said Car battery is good and when they asked
me to start the car,it again did not start first time. They jump started my car and it started.

They are suspecting it might be alternator.

What baffles me is why does the car start in 2nd try when parked in garage over night
and does not start when parked outside in parking for about 45 minutes.

Just checking with the experts out here to see if can provide any help.

Do you think it might alternator ? ( starter was replaced for the above car 2 years ago).
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