Sirius or XM Radio available?

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Purchased an F150 in January with the audiophile sound system. Anyone know if this equipment is compatible with satellite radio?

I just want something that will plug into my receiver and not have to have any "add-on's" or extra remote controls, etc.

My dealer wants to sell me something of the above for $250, but I don't trust that is the best option. Is there a source from Ford for info?


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    I have a 2003 Ford F-150 SC and I just brought Sirius today and the only problem that I have is static. Tomorrow I will take it to Circuit City and have the correct this problem.
  • mickeysmstrmickeysmstr Member Posts: 6
    Did you replace the factory unit with the Sirius, or did you add an FM modulator? If the modulator, where did you install?

    Also, where does the antenna mount?
  • todd1965todd1965 Member Posts: 16
    I did not have to remove the factory radio, it came with a seperate receiver for the Sirius system. No FM madulator was needed.
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    You might also check the XM & Sirius Satellite Radio discussion for more info on these systems.

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