2016 Outlander ES AWD Oil Change Schedules

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Oil changes for the 2016 Outlander using synthetic oil on a regular schedule are at 5000 miles or 5 months with the severe schedule at 4000 miles or 3 months - whichever occurs first.

Oil changes for a 2010 Outlander ES AWD using conventional lube are scheduled at 7500 miles or 6 months on a regular schedule, 3750 miles or 3 months for the severe schedule.

What's happening here??

Both models use the MIVEC 4B1 motor - why on earth would the latest model using a top quality synthetic have worse lube utilization than the earlier model?

These schedules are published in Mitsu's Warranty and Maintenance Manuals so it's not a dealership make work ploy but a requirement to keep the 5 and 10 year warranties in place.


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    Heard from a service guy at the dealership that as of yesterday the oil change schedule for 2011 and subsequent model year Outlanders and most other Mitsubish models has been changed to 5000 miles or 5 months. The 4000 mile 3 month interval seems to have been dropped. (The power of an Edmunds posting perhaps?!!)

    Although not stated anywhere that I've seen, the frequent oil change requirement may be to assure a clean supply of oil to the MIVEC continuously variable valve timing system. Whatever the reason we'll take the extra two months as a victory for common sense somewhere in the Mitsu organization.
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    Correction to my above posting:
    The 2016 Outlander ES uses the MIVEC 4J12 motor which I believe was introduced at the 2012 model year. This is a continuously variable SOHC engine, the 2010 Outlander has the DOHC 4B12 engine.
    As referenced above the published Regular Maintenance Schedules show the 2016 Outlander ES using synthetic oil needing more frequent oil changes than the 2010 twin cam engine using 5W-20.
    The only way this would seem to make sense is if Mitsu have decided to implement a 5000 mile or 5 month oil change criteria as a new "one size fits all" SEVERE maintenance requirement for post 2011 models. A welcome advance on 4000 miles or 3 months but still seemingly discounting the significant advantages of synthetics.
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    The new oil specs are not just about protecting the engine. The oil has to also protect the emissions system.
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    Not sure how the emissions piece works. I know that the most significant emission from my 2010 Outlander ( because of Mitsu's insistence that the Severe Maintenance Schedule be used in Canada) was changing 5 quarts of oil four times a year in order to keep the warranty in tact.
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    The above comments refer to Canadian driven vehicles. US maintenance schedules for 2016 have remained at 3750 miles or 3 months "severe" (Schedule 1) and 7500 miles or 6 months "regular" (Schedule 2).
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