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Apart from car price what other additional fees, taxes could dealer charge more?

savingprivatesavingprivate Member Posts: 9
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I'm completely new to this Car buying process and have some basic questions. Planning to buy a car. No financing. Cash offer.

Apart from base car price dealers add some other charges ( documents,taxes,registration,title....etc there might be more to the list, I'm not sure) .

1) Are these additional charges mandatory ?

2) Does dealers try to charge some fees which is not mandatory ?

3) Will the additional charges $$ amount vary from dealer to dealer ?

4) Can a dealer give discount on base car price, but will try to add up that cost in additional charges ?

5) What is the best place or website which can give me the out of door price,which I can compare with the dealer
and see if he is giving good price or not.

Thanks in advance


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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited March 2016
    One way to get an OTD price is to get the True Market Value number here by drilling down from the Make | Model tabs. The TMV number will include the destination (typically $800 to $1200).

    Then find out what your state and local taxes are and add that to the TMV number. Your state's DMV web site probably has that info somewhere. That'll give you an OTD number.

    TMV is an average so the idea is to beat the average. There may be some other mandatory DMV or environmental fees but usually they are relatively small. So take the OTD number you get using TMV and drop it down some for negotiating purposes and comparing quotes.

    Dealers make money in lots of different ways. But if you are comfortable with the number you come up with, you don't really care how the dealer allocates the money you'll be giving them.

    That's kind of an overview, feel free to ask for more details.
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