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Toyota Solara



  • Thanks for the feedback. Thank goodness I am not a troll. It seems like a few of yall' is flamin'! LOL!!! I just asked if anyone in the group could answer the guy with the bad rear end problem. No need to get so emotional. I tried to help him by asking if he may believe it is related to the recall of the 1999 Solaras, and maybe he may get help getting some of his hard earned money back. It's not being negative, it's called helping a stranger, or a random act of kindness. Because you may not interperate it this way, sorry if helpfulness and kindness is not in your personality or spirit, or you are rebuked by being nice. You guys get HOT when you walk past a crusifix???

    As for the bio, I keep it simple, as I got tons of unwanted SPAM when I posted an e-mail address a few years ago, GEEZ!

    rblelan..."The best way to deal with trolls or troll-like people is to ignore them". Is that how people deal with you??? ;^)

    As for my time, seems like I spend it just like you do!

  • The right side of the car seems ok. The dealer fixed the left rear wheel bearing under warranty.
    I still think the "Strut plates" should have lasted more than 69,000 miles.
    Any idea what the strut plates are? I know the strut mechanism consists of the spring, housing and the shock absorber inside. But what is the strut plate?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Please keep in mind this is not the Complaint Station.

    I would like to see all Solara owners and all new-comers to the Board to feel welcome and to get a chance to post their questions.

    Please don't dominate the board with complaints. Make your point and take a breather. This forum is for exchanging helpful information.

    thanks for listening


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  • i've said it before - be prepared for me to counter you. If you continue to infer in your multiple postings that the Solara IN GENERAL is a bad car, I'm going to throw my in two cents' worth.

    i've logically placed my counter-arguments, without curses or extreme insults. if you want to belittle me, fine. but if you continue to backtrack when you've overstepped your bounds, it really does make you look small.


    ps - 42K miles in my 2000 SE V6. the only complaint? constant aggravation from the Rice-crowd who seem to think well-kept Solaras are fair game; one of these days, i'm gonna get a ticket...
  • Good that you got that part fixed under warranty. Don't know what the expected life span of that part may be! At least it is fixed, so you should have many more trouble free, safe miles to enjoy your Solara!!! Was that the Toyota ExtraCare warranty?

    Silversolara...please listen to Shify's advise above. 5 minutes after he posted, you just ignored him. I never said anything about in "GENERAL" about the Solara, you make inferences, rather personal, emotional ones. If it were"IN GENERAL is a bad car", as you state above, would that somehow make you feel bad? I am missing something about your cyber threats. Is your Shift key broken, you letters are looking "small", and who are the "Rice-crowd" (sounds very derogatory) and where are you going with your ticket??? :^)

    39,000 miles and still drivin'.
  • One person (like websterguy) with a troublesome car proves nothing. The Toyotas built on the Camry platform are among the most reliable cars made. Sources with statistically significant data (Consumer Reports, JD Power, etc.)all agree on this. There are some quirks with Solaras (rough ride on bad roads, paint chips easily, etc.), but overall it is an impressive vehicle - smooth, quiet, powerful, stylish.
  • I'll be upgrading to 17" wheels this weekend. What would be the best thing I could do with the stock 16" alloy wheels? Would keeping them help with future resale value of the car? Or should I sell them - is there enough demand for them to make it worth the effort? Do I have any other options? Thanks in advance for any help.

    99 Solara SE V6 5-speed
    29000 Miles & counting
  • Depending on how long you plan to keep your car, I would keep 'em! You have the 1999, so you may have an alloy spare, as well. Sometimes when you trick out the car, it actually diminishes it's resale value, as a subsequent buyer, dealer or private party may not want a tricked out car, and the stock alloy wheels, "retail" $380.00- $400.00 per wheel. If you want to see if you can E-bay them, you might get your new wheels for free!?! Are you upgrading your suspension, also?
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    To give you guys an update, I had the main ECM replaced in my Solara on Friday. Driving back on the way home, there was only one slight harsher downshift, but everything so far is GREAT. I think I'll know much better tomorrow, as I plan on going on the same road where the chugging I had reported in earlier posts became apparent. Shifting was barely noticeable, smoother I think than it ever had been.

    My security light, however, never stops blinking . I was told this was because they changed the ECM and unplugged the battery for a while, but that the Solara ECM actually resets this light after driving the car for a while. Just thought I'd let you know in case you decide to unplug your battery.
  • It's good to hear your Solara is working better. Isn't a good feeling when the car problems finally gets fixed, after multiple visits. If you have read the prior postings, some people don't want to hear any "complaining" about the Solara. SHHHH!!! Just it drives great, or looks great in pearl white! Smooth!!! No problems, etc. LOL!

    Is the blinking ECM, the little red light in the dash?

    Happy motoring!
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Well, I did drive around quite a bit today, and the problem, unfortunately, is still very much there. I would even go as far as saying there was an occasional transmission slippage. I will bring it (AGAIN) to the dealer sometime next week. Otherwise, my Solara days are being counted... sadly.

    The light that blinks right now is the one inside the tach.
  • That stinks that it's not fixed! That darn VVTI or whatever they call it. What other car would you consider, if you dump the Solara??? Is the "issue" so bad, that it interferes with driving, or is a hazzard, or can you just chalk it up to a distinct driving characteristic of the Solara, like I did with my 2-1 gear, downshift, clunk, and just say it's just transportation, and be greatful you have a car? Mine is paid for, thats why I decided to try to stick it out, as the car has depreciated sooo much, I am not willing to take such a huge hit on trade in. If I were financing, I problably would have dumped it a long time ago, and just kept paying car payments the rest of my days, but I paid for this one, and thats why it's mine until it cant move or be fixed anymore.

    The red tach light in my car is always flashing, when the alarm is armed??? Is that the little flashing light?
  • You wrote "Mine is paid for, thats why I decided to try to stick it out, as the car has depreciated sooo much, I am not willing to take such a huge hit on trade in. If I were financing, I problably would have dumped it a long time ago, and just kept paying car payments the rest of my days, but I paid for this one, and thats why it's mine until it cant move or be fixed anymore."

    I don't understand the logic of this, if you could afford new car payments (or am I reading you wrong?).

    If I was as unhappy with a car as you are with this one, I'd dump it (assuming I could afford to), paid for or not.

    Like many regular posters on this site, I get a lot of enjoyment from a car. The aggravation of a problem ride wouldn't be worth it to me. Life's too short.
  • I'd keep the stock Solara wheels, if, for no other reason, on resale or trade in you may be far better off to have the stock wheels in place (and keep the 17" or sell them then). Just my opinion.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I don't have VVT-i on my car, so that can't be the problem. I have the 3.0L V6. It's currently not a hazard, but is annoying as heck, and could very might well be. I'm just trying to have this problem fixed before my warranty runs out. It's not a Solara driving characteristic, since it didn't do it when I bought the car.

    I'm definitely extremely grateful to have a car, but I also paid hard-earned money for this car to operate the way I expect it to. Right now it isn't. Trading it in might be an option for me, since I bought it as an end of lease. I'd be losing money when I'd trade it in for sure, but a whole lot less than if I bought it new. Anyway, the point is, I DON'T want to trade it in because I think this car is fantastic. I'll call my dealership tomorrow and talk to the service manager. Hopefully they'll change the transmission, which I seriously think is the source of the problem. If they solve the problem, great! If not, I don't know what I'd consider at this point.
  • At this point in my life, the new car thing, every 1-2 years, and losing thousands of $$$'s trading them in, to "show-boat" is not an option. I chose Toyota, and considered Honda/Acura, because I believed word of mouth, and the various media articles, generally sponsered by manufacturers, that they were better quality cars. What my experiance has been that I spent more, but did not get more for the buck. That's all I mean't by the line you quote above. I am not looking to spend more money on a new car, because this car has been a burden. It is fine for what it is now.

    Canc, they get it right sooner or later! That was my experiEnce, and I got to meet most of the day and night shift people at the local Toyota, from being there sooooo frequently! ;^)
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Thanks for the comments. I'm sure they'll fix the problem eventually, and I really wasn't looking forward to buying a car again. I like this one too much, and I'm sure to like it even more when they resolve this problem!

    Do you put regular or premium in your car?
  • Premium only! I am a stickler for doing things by the book, except the oil changes, which get done every 2,800 to 2,900 miles, none of that 5,000-7,500 mile stuff, like the manual recommends.

    I can see why you want to keep the car. It is a nice looking car, and has a nice curb appeal, especially the model years before Toyota changed the grill, and tail lights, IMO. I still get some compliments on it, although it has become over saturated around here, with black Solaras identical to mine! At least you look good pulling up in your car, unless others see it chugging!!! :)~

    That would be my breaking point, as it was with my 97 Dodge Avenger. Pull up to pick someone up, and the car is chugging! With my Avenger it was the ratchet noise of the tranny, and a loud sqweel from the rear brakes, that never could be fixed!
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I never really liked the Avenger. New Chryslers seem to have gone up dramatically in build quality, and the powertrain warranty is great. If they don't fix my Solara, I might actually consider a Chrysler... it's what I had before.
  • WEbG - Shifty's post happened while I was writing my retort - hence the confusion. Believe me, had I seen Shifty's request, I would have a honored a 'cease-fire. My apologies.

    CAnc - I always fill on those 'wild' weekends when premium is only a penny more than mid-grade. In the southern part of the Garden State, that's about $1.39 a gallon for premium. Your chugging prob seems to be unique in this forum; wish I could help you out...
    If you do consider a new car (Chrysler?), perhaps tell me the results of your research - I considered waiting for the latest Stratus R/T, but the Solara was too nice. The only problem I had with Chrysler was its after-purchase reputation: "5-star" service. Of course, over 400K recalls on the PT Cruiser might also sway an opinion, but the R/T is still the sister car to the Eclipse...
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    "I might actually consider a Chrysler... it's what I had before."

    YIKES! Talk about going from the frying pan INTO the fire!! ;-)) I'd think 10 times before doing that! You'll get a lot more than just "chugging"!! Don't believe that "5-STAR" crap for a MINUTE!!! If you're RETIRED and like to hear- "they all do that, can't duplicate the problem, it's a characteristic of the car" then by all means go for it because for 7/70,000 or whatever it is, you'll be at the "5-STAR"!!! Trust me!

    As soon as you drive off the lot, it's all downhill from there!

  • canccanc Posts: 715
    fastdriver: whoa, you sure don't like Chryslers much, do you? Did you ever have a Chrysler on which to base these opinions on? I know, Neons haven't had the stellar reputation the Corolla has had for many years, but I don't think the same can be said for say, the Sebring.

    I also am considering staying with Toyota if they can't fix the problem, marking it up as a lemon. If this is the case, I'd either go to a RAV4, or the Corolla S or LE. The Corolla is a huge change from the Solara, but it's very economical and practical.

    I was also thinking about the Acura 1.7 EL here too. I'd rather not go with the Honda Accord, since it's a first year production model.

    Silver: I've heard about some Chrysler dealers and their 5-star service, whatever that is. The point is, there are some crappy Chrysler dealers just as there are crappy Toyota dealers. The trick is to get a good one and stick with it! I know my previous dealership (Chrysler) had great service. They didn't charge too much for regular maintenance, and even lent me a loaner car if I needed to.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    "Did you ever have a Chrysler on which to base these opinions on?"

    ALL you have to do is click on my name above and you will get to my webpage and learn MORE than you EVER wanted to know about how I feel about Chrysler, their "5-STAR" dealers AND their factory reps!! NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I understand your position, as you and I seem to have had similar experiences--you with Chrysler, me with Toyota. So far, I/dealer have put in over $1300 (Canadian) to solve this chugging problem, and is still there. I would assume that the next step is to replace the transmission, which I have no clue how expensive it would be, but I guess it's a few thousand dollars.

    Don't get me wrong, though... I don't feel my car is a "Christine" in this respect. If they can fix this problem, I will gladly keep this car. Your Christine seemed to have so many problems everywhere that I can see why you're so fed up with Chrysler.
  • Tranny should be under the drivetrain warranty.

    Sebring has nice curb appeal, and I actually drove one, when the new model came out. Interior was a bit cheap feeling, less head room, but handled better than the Solara. Being that it is a Mitsu/Chrysler baby, built at the Normal, Illinois plant, I am not sure I would want to recomend this one either. It does appear to have solid build, and replaces, and is manufactered at the same plant that made my Avenger. A plus for the Avenger was that I did not have any paint chips that I did not cause, and the sheel metal was less prone to door dings, as none were noticable, and my Solara seems to collect them. Careless neighbors, or poorer quailty materials used to build 'er??? Not sure! Fastdriver's experiances with the dealers were not that different from my Dodge dealings. O2 sensor goes, they stripped the manifold, and I go 6 days without my car, driving a Neon, which you do not automatically get a loaner, unless you buy their extended plan, if I remember correctly, or make a big scene, on a busy day!!! Don't know about your local Toyota, but that is the only reason, outside of not wanting to throw money away, that I keep the car, and will consider Toyota again. No appointment needed for any service, and they always have my part, or almost always!

    P.s. My neighbor that dumped her 99 Camry, just got her first sludge letter. She asked if I got one, and what is engine gell!?!?! AHHHH!!! ;^0~
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Weird thing happened to me this morning on my way to work: Today is rainy and windy, around 17 degrees Celsius, and I took my Solara. I was stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to turn green, and when it does, I press on the gas pedal and nothing happens... my car had STALLED!!! Since the cabin is so serenely quiet, I hadn't realized the engine had stopped running, so in a rush I had to start it up again. It had no problems starting back up, but what is this all about? Has this ever happened to anybody here?

    I wonder if this is just a freak happening, or if it's related to my recent mechanical problems. If it is, then the transmission isn't at fault, is it? I don't know much about mechanics, but if I'm at a stop sign and not moving, the transmission isn't moving either, right? This is the first time my car has done this.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The engine actually stopped? Yikes. As I read your post, I assumed it was the traction control kicking in to limit the engine RPMs but that should not kill the engine, just slow it down to a crawl.
  • If that happened to me, and I posted it, I would get cyber-bashed!

    Canc, it may be time to see the dealer, again. Fall, and winter season is not the time to break down, or stall, especially in Canada. Even my car hasn't stalled, yet. What is the build date of your car. I bet it came right off the line with mine! ;^)

    I had a rental 2002 Cadillac Sedan Deville, pearl white, loaded, sweet, but a little mature for me, a few months ago, that stalled on me a few times, at stop lights. It too was sooo quiet I did not know it had stalled. If it happens again, see the dealer. I feel that there wont be a code for some reason, when they check for one. My car runs rough when it rains, for a 2.5 year old car IMO.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    There is no excuse for a 2000-year model car to stall in the rain, no matter how hard it's pouring. It was raining pretty hard on my way to work, but nothing to the point of being torrential.

    I believe my car was made in December 1999.

    I phoned the dealer about it and said they'd add it to the technician's report they send to Toyota Canada.

    So right now I'm looking if I can afford a new Corolla LE or a RAV4. Man are those RAV4s expensive! They cost as much, if not more, than a Solara! The new Corollas, however, are much more reasonable. I'd like to drive one to see how it drives. Of course it won't be as quiet or luxurious as the Solara, since we're talking about two completely different cars here, but with the added height of the Corolla, I'd be able to fit in properly now.
  • You are right about no reason for a 2 year old car to stall in the rain. Many service vists ago, while walking the Toyota dealer lot, I tried to bail, but they were not willing to give anyhing near what I considered a fair trade value. I looked at Rav4, but the enigne was whiney for me. If it had a V6, maybe. Had a Corolla loaner, not like driving a heavy "sport" coupe, but if I could get one for an even trade, I would do it in a heart beat. The Corolla is no frills, and for me, no expectation, other than dependable transportation. Does have a lot of headroom, but is narrow. The bottom of the line, track loaner car even had the outside temp gauge! Not a stylin' mobile, but practical!

    My car is a 9/99 production date, I believe.
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