Odyssey relays clicking, TB clunking, Battery dying in rain ( key out). Please help.

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Hi guys, first thanks for the help, got a baby due next week and in a bind. Bought a 2006 odyssey exl, runs great. Problem is when its not running and it rains. It started with the alarm going off at night in the rain. I disconnected hood switch, still went off. Interior lights would stay on. Battery would be dead in the morning. This is just parked outside the house, not even driving in the rain. So ive torn into the thing. Ive noticed that relays under the drivers dash, passenger dash, and rear ac unit by back hatch were rapidly clicking, as well as the throttle body opening and closing quickly, with the key out. All panels are clean and dry. sometimes its just the rear relay, other times its all of them. The clicking goes away as soon as i turn the key to " run". I noticed that the when i opened the drivers door it would stop, so i replaced the drivers door switch. No change. Working in the rain, i noticed that with the front half of the van in the garage and the back getting wet, the relays and TB were clicking, with the rear in the garage and the front half getting wet, the clicking stopped however, the interor lights stay on and the door locks will not lock. Im also getting a green key light flashing intermittenly without the key in the iginiton. Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.
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