1991 Dodge Ram 1500 Magnum Stalling issues

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Hi there! I just bought a 91 dodge ram yesterday. Runs and drives great, only problem is sometimes when I reverse, then put it in drive and start to go, (or at a stop when I start to go) it stalls. It starts back up again right away, and as I said drives smooth. sputters just a tad right before it stalls. Any advice? I have to drive to oregon from washington in a couple weeks, and dont want it to die on the way there. Thank you in advance!


  • shlpeitzshlpeitz Member Posts: 3
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    I went out this morning and warmed up the truck, once warmed up it idled at a steady 1.5 rpm's, I put it in drive and stepped on the gas, it started idleing choppy, so I put it back in park, and pushed the gas, and the idle went back to normal Also, I was looking at the title...its a 94, not a 91
  • shlpeitzshlpeitz Member Posts: 3
    The check engine light isnt on either. It does drive smooth
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