Coolant Leak Mystery

humblesoulhumblesoul Member Posts: 1
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Hi Guys,

The car is an 1981 Ford Thunderbird with about 84,600 plus miles with an eight cylinder
engine. I don't know the exact size of the engine. Here is the problem. When I drive
around town and come home to park the car in the garage, a small puddle of coolant leaks
on the floor of the garage. It's about one third of a quart of water/coolant that ends
up on the garage floor. After the puddle is created, the leaking stops. The puddle is
located up front on the passenger side. It is located near the radiator. I just had new
water hoses put on, so I don't think it is leaky hose, unless the hoses were not tightened
enough when they were put on. I figure if I had a hole in the radiator then I would lose
all the water/coolant in the radiator. I only lose about a third of a quart of water/coolant
each time I take a drive. Any suggestions?


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