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SAAB with Rough Idle and Loss of Power

bobby7032bobby7032 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2016 in Saab
Hello -

SAAB 2007 9-3

Recently my car has been having a rough idle and stalling on start up. It has been getting worse and I need it fixed ASAP for a long trip coming up. I cannot have this thing die on me while I'm 300 miles from home =(

At stop lights the car will have a rough idle while in park and reverse. While in neutral, nothing. As soon as I accelerate, it goes away but does have a lack of power if I really push the pedal. Once I am in 3rd/4th gear, the car feels normal with no issues. If I am on the highway and slow down then need to accelerate, it goes back to losing power BUT if I change over to manual and downshift, car gains power and goes back to normal.

Here's what I have done so far:

1. Changed the spark plugs twice. Once with cheap ones, the second time with expensive ones. I also swapped out the boots.

2. Cleaned the MAP sensor

3. Cleaned intake sensor

4. Replaced air filter

5. Changed oil

6 New battery

The engines gives no codes whatsoever and I have taken it to a couple places and their readers don't see any codes. My SAAB has a built in fuel filter and this cannot be replaced unless you replaced the whole pump (to my understanding). I plan on buying some Seafoam today and see if that helps. Also, I have been told to clean my air intake valve but I cannot get the damn tube off! I feel that if I yank and pull on it, it's going to damage the tube. I am not seeing any obvious leaks anywhere. One thing that is weird about my car, since I have bought it used a few years ago, my headlights/tail lights/blinkers go bad QUICKLY! Would this point to anything?

Any help?



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    bobby7032bobby7032 Member Posts: 2
    This morning the engine light started flashing. It has never done this before. I took it to Autozone right away and the code is

    P0302 Cylinder 2 misfire.
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    kevlo91kevlo91 Member Posts: 1
    have you found a solution?, im having similar problems with my 2003 9-3 arc
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