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2000 Toyota Tundra vibration/shake

eproulxeproulx Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I've read more than enough about GM trucks with
vibration/shaking. I'm experiencing the same thing
with my 2000 Toyota Tundra.

The 1st time out, on regular city streets, at
about 45 mph, the front end shakes like crazy:
small, fairly high-frequency vibration, easily felt
through the steering, as well as by passenger. It
eventually stopped, because I slowed and had to
stop. Seems to come and go, but apparently, at
progresively higher speeds, and less frequently.
The other day, "cruising" at about 60-65mph for
about 20 miles, no incident, and getting close to
turn-off, where I was doing about 70mph, the
shaking returns. Returning home, the shaking no
longer there. It's back at the dealer for some
work, and the dealer will be looking into this
shaking I've mentioned. There was nothing
particular abot the roads, they are fine as roads
go. Any experience of this sort?

I will say this: it is happening less so, and I'm
hoping it's a matter of "break in". Otherwise, this
is a very nice machine to be driving.


BTW the service manager "attempted" to tell me he
has the same issue in his truck, that because of
the extra-stiff suspension, it's normal and to be
expected. Yea, right.


  • rs_pettyrs_petty Posts: 423
    Topic is covered pretty extensively in other Tundra topic. Wheel/tire balance and parking brake adjustment seemed to cure most. Might want to read through other posts to see how yours compares. Almost 1500 miles on mine and smooth as glass.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    Smoothest 4x4 I have ever none!
  • would be nice if the writers on the page would stick to the topic and keep the smart remarks to themselves. Both the Chev and the Tundra have fine points. I have driven both new 2000 yr trucks and they are as different as night and day. Pick your application and then the truck for YOU.My choice is the Tundra, why , it quiet, fast, correct size, quality, 5yr powertrain. and not near the wind noise.
  • Could be that tacoma transfer case on this one. Is it the 4wd? Good luck on this one now!
  • I've test driven four different 4WD access cabs in the last month and noticed some vibration in 3 out of the 4. The only one that I couldn't notice a vibration with had the TRD Off Road Pkg. All of these test runs were on the same smooth highway and all had the split bench seat. BTW, the tires with the Off Road Pkg.are Goodyears vs Dunlops on the others. I still want to buy this truck but I'd really like to know what the fix is if I have a vibration problem.
  • This Tundra is a 4x2 Limited Access cab, V8. Toyota rep test drove it, said there was vibration on hard breaking. I don't break hard, never noticed that, but with ABS it's expected. There are other BBS describing a similar problem. This vibration problem will be tracked. The dealer will today re-balance all tires and check for true round, look over the suspension and we'll give it a try. I'll be back with an update.
  • kentekente Posts: 28
    Just a clarification. I have a Tundra SR5 with the off road package and got GoodRICH tires not GoodYEAR. I have experienced no problems at all after 3,000 miles. It is the best vehicle that I have ever owned.
  • I have a V8 access cab limited too. I test drove the truck at speed before buying it (in October) to make sure it didn't have a vibration. The day after I took it home it happened. Theres no way you'd miss it. When it happens it's very obvious!
    Anyway, I went home and took all the extra air pressure out of the tires and set them to factory spec. and have never had the problem since. (2k miles).

    My only complaint about this truck so far is the number of GM truck owners that seem to be pushed out of shape about it. I had two park CLOSE against my door in the parking lot at work. Four have tried to challange me to a race, (GOD, let it happen on an open road next time), and a guy kept tailgating me tonite on my way home from a burger joint.
    Maybe it's on of those California things, but has anybody else noticed this problem?

    P.S. Sorry, I know I went off topic but - sheesh!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Maybe they didn't see you? Just joking. Its called new car/truck envy. This happens when a person buys any new vehicle. Words of wisdom. Take all the dealership license plate flyers off. This will help some. And as soon as you get your license plates put them on quick!. Clean all windows too. Splash some mud and dirt on the truck too! :-} kidding.
  • pchengpcheng Posts: 165
    Hear; Here. Well said.
  • cole12cole12 Posts: 10
    I have some info that might be helpful. When I first got my Tundra, AFTER I used my emergency brake a couple of times, I was driving around 45-50 mph. The emergency brake on the passenger side was not releasing all the way, it was heating the drum up like crazy. Which causeda vibration in my vehicle. Also, There is a TOYOTA SERVICE BULLITEN on a vibration problem, actually TOYOTA calls it a flutter in the steering wheel. Go to your service dept, ask them if your truck falls into the vin range for the TSB. They realign the steering shaft if I remember correctly.
  • Since no e-mail address was provided by cole12, please e-mail me the Toyota bulletin number concerning this issue (the vibration has not gone away, even though it is infrequent - what a strange phenomena). Last I heard from the dealer (Petaluma, CA), there was no such bulletin. Or, failing that, please post the bulletin number. Much appreciated.
  • I too have noticed some vibration at approximately
    45 MPH. It goes away when you increase your speed. The vibration has never been very bad. My Tundra is a 2 wheel drive access cab limited.
  • I have a tundra 4wd that has 16,000 miles on it. It's been in the shop 3 times with vibration problems. The wheels have been balanced 3 times. The rotors and drums were replaced at 10,000 miles. It did good til about 14,000 miles than the vibration returned. But only during braking and only after the brakes had been used a while. The dealer drove it with me and it happened just as I said. The dealership service man was perplexed. He had the shoes, pads, rotors, and drums replaced. The problem is gone now but I feel sure it will recur. I drive a lot of miles so it won't be long before I find out.
  • mk25mk25 Posts: 8
    I've had a hell of a time with vibrations. Mine are coming from the rear and not the steering wheel! So far we've changed all tires and wheels and also the driveshaft. These measures have improved it but not solved it. Especially since now I'm very sensitive to it. The most recent thing I've noticed is that the left rear leaf springs seem to be sprung(the bottom leaf is flatter than the one on the right, and the rubber stop had contacted the chassis at one time.) I've theorized that maybe this truck was dropped at one time. Does anyone think the leaf springs could be part of the problem?
  • I have a 2000 Tundra that I have gone through the same thing with vibration problems. What I found out was that the wheels need to be balanced with a "stud centric" balancer. Not a hub centric. What this does is balances the wheels based upon the studs vice the center hole in the wheel. Very few tire shops have this type of balancer. Unless the tire/wheel is mounted through the stud holes of the wheel, it will not balance correctly. Didn't believe it until after months of trying to chase down the vibration, I was referred to a shop with just such a balancer. Presto, rides perfect, no vibration. Hope this helps, good luck.
  • If the studs were concentric with the hub, this should not make any difference.

    Studs can bend, hubs don't.
  • I am experiencing the same problem. I just added American Racing Silver Pythons (16"x8") and Goodyear Wrangler AT/S 285 75R 16's. I was beginning to think that maybe the vibration was being caused by going to a heavier tire but from what I can gather this symptom occurs with the stock tires and wheels also. I'm having the tires re ballanced today and I'm hoping this works....
  • jbcausjbcaus Posts: 3
    An SR5, Ext Cab, 2WD V8 Tundra purchased from a Houston Dealer in early November 1999. Having read about the vibration problem here prior to purchase, specifically tried to induce and notice any vibrations during my delivery check ride. No problems noticed. About a week later as I accelerated towards 65mph on smooth surface highway, a slight vibration/oscillation of the steering wheel was noticeable starting at about 55mph, worsening at about 60 and then subsiding as speed increased. Strange thing was that the vibration did not appear consistently -- sometimes more pronounced, other times completely absent and smooth ride -- but always in the 55-66mph range. I did take the vehicle back to the dealer for wheel balancing and they said that corrections of up to 1/2 ounce were necessary. Initially the vibration was gone, but returned again within about 2 weeks. Mostly, the vibration occurrences are so slight and infrequent that I don't really think much about it except for having been alerted by these write-ups. Haven't kept track enough to establish a trend, but seems that the vibration (when it occurs) is mostly upon highway speeds just after having been parked for a while. Bottom line is that my experience with this minor problem doesn't take away from all the good points the vehicle has. Would be nice to definitively cure the problem, but even if never solved this one issue would not change my satisfaction with the Tundra.
  • Don't know how long you've been driving toyotas but I've been driving them 25 years. I've come to expect nothing but the best. And any problem disappoints me. Especially in a new truck. Put 200,000 on a 88 toyota pickup that spent less time in the shop in 10 years than my tundra has in the past 6 months. Put 40,000 on a tacoma in 12 months with nary a single problem. I expect the same of my tundra. If we start settling for less than the best we may as well be in a ford or chevy.
  • delddeld Posts: 8
    I have only 200 miles on my truck but about 40 miles ago experienced a shaking at 60 mph that caused me to pull off the freeway and check for a flat it was so bad. The frequency to the vibrations correlated with the speed I was driving. Since that time, it has yet to reoccur. It seems from this topic that no one has found a sure cure. I am going to have the dealer check it out the next time it happens. This "vibration" that I had shook the whole truck it was so bad.
  • sammansamman Posts: 3
    I have yet to get my Tundra yet "3days" so I have no real shakeing experience there. However I am on my second 4Runner. A 91 and now a 97. The 91 had the same sort of vibrations y'all are talking about and the dealers could do nothing to solve it. We heard the 92's and 93's were worse. On a tip we took it to a place here in Austin, TX called Speedy Align. Had it aligned and the wheels spun balanced on the car. PERFECT! No more viration. I have sent lots of friends there with SUV's and trucks with the larger tires. All have been impressed. Guess where I will take the new Tundra if it shakes?
  • mk25mk25 Posts: 8
    My Toyota dealer is lame. I'm convinced that they are incapable of fixing my vibration problem. Important question: If I take my Tundra to an unauthorized repair shop such as one that specializes in alignment and balancing, will that void my Lemon Law rights? Does anyone know? I know it won't void my warranty, but what good is a warranty if the Toyota service shops are incompetent?
  • 1taxman1taxman Posts: 27
    I guess Tundras don't have it so bad......see post 319 of Topic 969. The Silvarados will vibrate unless they are under load.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Misery loves company? I doubt many Tundra owners are feeling better because chevy also has a shake problem.
  • If your dealer won't or can't help you, contact Toyota's regional rep, I had a problem my tundra that the dealer couldn't fix and they contacted toyota. Shortly there after an engineer from their regional office jumped on a plane and was up here and fixed my truck in a day. Hope this helps. Good Luck
  • The last time I experienced the shaking/vibration in my Tundra (Limited 4x2) was just before Christmas, though I haven't driven all that much since. I'm not convinced the problem just "went away", an explanation must be found at the very least. I'll get in touch with the regional Toyota rep, maybe he/she would like to spend a few days in Sonoma while we all shrug our shoulders. I fax these postings and others to my dealer regularly just to let them know I'm still not smiling as much as I could otherwise. I wonder what happens to them?

    By the way, glad to see the end of the "my dick - your dick" debate. No truck is the perfect truck, and where a particular one excells in one aspect, it does so as a tradeoff and compromise in some other aspect. So, much as it simply boils down the choice that suits our requiremens, all trucks should do well what they were intended to do. And why not: cars too.
  • I would purchase a Tundra today if I could be assured that Toyota has fixed the vibration problem ( or that they are even aware of it). Has anyone read or heard anything about Toyota's "official" answer to this issue?
  • kacostkacost Posts: 1
    I really enjoyed test driving a Tundra. But I am still wondering if the small back seat of the Tundra access cab is as annoying at it seems it could be compared to the roomy Silverado. Should this keep me from buying one.
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