Car android audio (from Italy)

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hello everyone, I am Luca and I'm Italian, I came up to your forum to a desperate plea.
first of all sorry if my language is not correct, but I do not speak English very well
I want to ask you something VERY important to us Italians. We have also hyundai tucson 2015/2016 in Italy, we are very pleased with this machine. but the car owners with touch screen radio because we're not happy here be mounted wince operating system
in Italy it is said that you have installed on Android rather be right? prompting you, and ask PLEASE, knees and much if someone could copy the contents of your radio, that 'directories and more to try to run Android also in the Italian cars. we are trying as much to load Android system in usb but without success. if you have ideas or can help thank you. and a salute from italy. now be the 20.56 pm
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