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Toyota, Honda, Kia or Hyundai?

Hello all,

Just secured funding for a new car. The vehicle being replaced is a 2001 Toyota Corolla, it has done me well and only has 56k on it. I have zero knowledge on vehicles of any type and the only thing I can really go on is a large amount of technical experience.

A problem with the Toyotas is it appears the media interface they use is not universal and you have to rely on them for updates. Can it be assumed this is true of all manufacturers? The other companies are all using an alliance with Apple and Google, Toyota was the only one (of the big 5) to not do so. I have a Moto G 2nd-gen with plans in the near future to upgrade to a 128-gig Nexus 6P (my Google Fi invite) and want to ensure all of the better features. Minimum requirements are Pandora & Sirius, GPS Nav, SMS and/or voice recognition and maybe just using the phone via the car's interface with "Miracast," I have a Google Chromecast I enjoy.

I looked at the 2016 Corollas and someone said rear disc braking was important. Only three of the 12 models have it, in the S line. I am looking at Hondas, maybe Kias and maybe maybe Hyundai, my family and I have always had great luck with Toyotas, a Honda I once owned was a good vehicle. Honda Civics come in a hybrid.

Corollas don't come in hybrid, a Prius or Camry with any real features (the in-dash with options) cost too much. I would like to get in to a hybrid if I can get the features. It is important that the car is a full sedan (full sized, the Yaris and Prius c/vs or any of the other small-frames look terrible). One thing that does bother me about my little 2001 is the road noise, I ride in an '07 Camry now and then and the difference is immense.

What would you suggest? The budget is $20-25k with some wiggle room, I know that is low and I am asking for a lot, the main points in order are reliability, size, good media system, rear disc braking and hybrid. Reliability is first and foremost. I glanced at an aftermarket stereo upgrade via Geek Squad, it looks like a lot of investment there too, it might be an option? You don't need to tell me to get my priorities straight, I already know what I don't know. Any assistance is welcome.

TL;DR New Toyota, Honda, Kia or what else for reliability? 20-30k tops Sedan, rear disc braking and feature-rich media system.

Thank you,

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