2011 Subaru 2.5i Limited vs 2011 BMW 328i?

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Basically what is the difference between them? I mostly drive in the cities. I am thinking of buying one of them but I do not know much about their differences except for the RWD vs AWD. Is there any other common differences? They are both in the similar range ( 42975,Subaru vs 48515 and both at $15k ). Please give your opinions about which one is better in terms of resale value, longevity, cost to own for the next 3-4 years.


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    It's kind of like this:
    The Subaru should cost less to own, likely last longer, and be worth more when you sell it. You want the BMW.

    Well ok maybe not, but a 328i is a very fun car to drive. Depending on what options it has on it the interior could also be much nicer.

    2011 is a good year for a 328i. It's the last year for the naturally aspirated inline 6 cylinder engines. For 2012 they went to turbo motors. So far those have been more trouble than the old NA I6s. That's not just BMW though, a lot of turbo engines from other manufacturers are more trouble than the V6s they replaced.
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    BMW328i is a class car,
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