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CVT Transmission - Growling noise when reversing

mkarias72mkarias72 Member Posts: 29
edited March 2016 in Toyota
I looked at a used 2014 Corolla LE to purchase. When test driving it, I went in reverse on a long empty street. Not doing a slow reverse but a quick/fast reverse, the transmission made a weird growling sound and the car really hestitated to go in reverse. Could this mean the transmission is bad? I am having a mechanic look at it so I will know for sure. Not sure if this is because of the CVT transmission which is new to me. All my cars have the normal automatics.


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    oracle_of_rockoracle_of_rock Member Posts: 58
    I just purchased a 16 Corolla S Premium a couple of days ago (less than 300 miles on it so far) and remembered reading your remarks. I did notice both a slight whine and a slight growling noise while backing in reverse. Didn't sound abnormal but than again I'm never had a CVT either. I'm thinking it's the nature of the beast but will check with the service writer at my 1,000 mile checkup!
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