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Honda Pilot EX-L with RES or Touring.

priya123priya123 Member Posts: 33
edited March 2016 in Honda

I am deciding which one to buy EXL with RES or Touring.

I am in central Florida. I got few quotes from dealer for base price on EXL with RES as $34,820* (MSRP: $38,555 )

And for Touring the lowest quote I got was 2500 less MSRP i.e. base price of $39,574

Now I am considered about additional options that will be required with these cars.

Can someone give there inputs on these quotes please.

Thanks for your help.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    edited March 2016
    For the RES, I get invoice of $36,061, same $38,555 MSRP and TMV is $36,925.

    Numbers for the Touring are invoice $39,267, MSRP of $42,070 and TMV is $40,622.

    All these numbers include destination and are for the FWD versions.

    TMV is an average so both your quotes are pretty aggressive.

    The trick with Florida is watching out for outrageous doc fees ($700 isn't unusual down there). You may want to figure out the taxes and add that number and $100 to your quote(s) and offer that total as an Out the Door (OTD) price.
  • priya123priya123 Member Posts: 33
    Thanks @stever
    I got complete Quote from them for both:

    Vehicle: 2016 Honda Pilot EX-L with RES / FWD

    MSRP- $38,555
    Sale Price- $34,820
    Tax- $2,263.30
    Dealer/Doc Fee- $799.99
    Registration- $176.25
    New Tag- $450

    Vehicle : 2016 Honda Pilot Color : Dark Cherry - Touring / Front-wheel Drive

    Selling Price 42,070.00
    Discount 2,496.00
    Adjusted Price 39,574.00
    Total Purchase 39,574.00
    Pre Delivery Service Fee 995.00
    Tax 2,490.11
    Taxable Fees (Estimated) 99.50
    Non Tax Fees 610.95
    Net Price 43,769.56
    Balance 43,620.11

    Please Let me know which one looks better and if I can do any additional negotiations on these?

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    edited March 2016
    Florida docs fees are out of control.

    Manufacturers already pay dealers for new car prep, so the Pre Delivery Service Fee of 995.00 is totally bogus. I'm assuming the new tag fee is legit but you may want to call your DMV and ask. No idea on the "non-tax" fees either.

    Can I interest you in a trip to, say Chattanooga? It's nice up there this time of year and I've done the drive between there and Lakeland when my MIL snowbirded in Lakeland. B) Seriously, it'd be educational to get a quote from a dealer in Valdosta or Savannah.

    I'd go with the one you like and back out the doc fee on the EX-L or the pre-delivery fee on the Touring and make an OTD offer based on adding all the other numbers together. My quick math comes to $37,700 for the EX-L and $42,775 for the Touring

    If you can wait a few days, the end of the month/end of the quarter bonus time will be here in a week or so and some dealers may be more willing to deal at month end.
  • priya123priya123 Member Posts: 33
    Thanks @stever

    I am trying the same OTD numbers with all near by dealers.
    I am asking for 37500 OTD on EXL with RES
    or 41000 for Touring

    (no accessories)

    Let's see if I can get it.

    Do you think it's feasible or not?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    I dunno - compared to just a few years ago Florida seems expensive these days. $41k on the Touring could be too much of a stretch, but it doesn't cost anything to ask.

    Any recent Florida buyers/shoppers lurking?
  • priya123priya123 Member Posts: 33
    edited March 2016
    Yes, you are right it's a stretch on touring..
    The best I got today on touring is:

    Dealer matching Costco price
    Sale price = $38,526
    6.5% state sales tax = $2500,
    Dealer fee = $599
    New tag fee = $500,
    OTD = $42,129.

    Is this a good price?

    Or can I ask for any more discounts?
    no accessories added to this.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    You could haggle the dealer fee and is that a "real" number for the new tag fee? (It could be, it varies so much from state to state, you pretty much have to ask your DMV for the lowdown).

    The selling price looks okay - $700 below invoice. You're beating the average at least, and that's good.
  • priya123priya123 Member Posts: 33
    I don't understand.
    what exactly is the invoice?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Did I get your numbers confused with someone else? Oh, maybe I priced out the EX-L.

    Invoice is $38,526 for the front wheel drive Pilot Touring, including the $900 destination. So the selling price is invoice.

    Here's the link where you can run your own numbers. ;)
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