Gen 3 Prius - Rear Brake Wear

fearlessflyerfearlessflyer Member Posts: 3
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We own a 2011 Prius II and just had to replace the Rear Rotors/Pads at 32,700 miles.

Dealers and many owners have been boasting 100,000+ before brake work so I'm pretty curious as to only getting 32K myself before replacement.

I trust my Independent Mechanic who's worked on our vehicles for years. I inqured as to whether there were issues with the calipers or uneven wear between the left and right rear pads but "no" on all counts. Also inquired about excessive rust since we live in Central NY and "no" on that too.

Best he can figure is the quality of the OEM parts he replaced. No issues with the original frount brakes; probably due to the regenerative braking that occurs there.

Any other Gen 3 owners experiencing early rear brake replacmemnt? Other than this issue the car has been flawless and trouble free.


  • edgar69edgar69 Member Posts: 1
    My 2013 prius v is in the shop right now. Not even 1500 miles with the rear brakes worn and now replaced. I'm going to pick it up now. I'm glad I chose my own mechanic too. I have much to say about the decline in Toyota quality in recent years. I hope that Honda has kept their quality because that will probably be my next car.
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